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September 19-23, 2016

Save the Date...

September 19th ~
  • Smile... it's Picture Day! - Don't forget your picture envelopes! We also have gym in the afternoon, so don't forget to bring your sneakers and/or a change of clothes!
  • Last Call... Race for Education Labels are due TODAY!
September 21st ~
  • Happy Birthday Aubrey C.!
September 23rd ~
  • Titus Tiger Spirit Day - Show your Titus Tiger Spirit by wearing your spirit gear and/or black and gold!
  • Science - Matter Quiz #1 (Lessons 1-3)
September 29th ~
  • Happy Birthday Nicole L.!
October 2nd ~
  • Home & School Harvest Breakfast - Don't forget to send in your RSVP for tickets!
October 3rd ~
  • School Holiday - Rosh Hashanah

Last Call for Race for Education Labels! Let's go for 100% Class Participation - Remember to send in your labels on Monday!

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Box Tops... Box Tops... Calling All Box Tops!

Don't forget to send in your Box Tops by September 29th!

Help Wanted - Classroom Coordinator for Room 304!


  • Outgoing personalities
  • Good communicators
  • Competency in Sign Up Genius, Email, and Word

We are seeking one parent from each homeroom to fulfill the duties of Classroom Coordinator. Responsibilities may include:

  • Party planning
  • Coordinating parent volunteers
  • Recruiting field trip chaperones

Work full-time? No problem!

  • This job can be performed at home (or work) without the need for CB Clearances.*

More Good News:

  • You may apply for more than one homeroom.

Please click here to apply. All applications are due no later than September 23rd! Coordinators will be notified by September 30th. *Clearances are required to attend any school event

A few quick things about this week...


We will continue discussing how good readers think about their thinking when reading by using our Notice & Note strategies. We will continue reading Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing as we practice being meta-cognitive readers.

All students will be receiving a bookmark to keep with them this week that list all of our close reading strategies. Students should refer to their bookmark while reading their independent reading books to guide when they stop, notice, and note on post-it during their independent reading. I'm so proud to see students already using their strategies this past week in their DEAR books, and how excited they are to share their findings!

*A friendly reminder... students should be reading the same independent reading book at home as they are at school. This means, their DEAR book should be going home nightly with them, and making its way back to school the following day, every day!

Ask me about: What are "tough questions"? What are "words of the wiser"? Why is it important to stop, notice, and note...?
What you can do: Talk to your child about their nightly reading, and ask them to identify a passage in their book for a specific strategy. Be sure to ask them to answer the important questions related to each one!


We will begin to explore characteristics of personal narratives this week as we begin looking at mentor texts. We will also begin to narrow down our ideas for our own personal narratives by discussing "watermelons" versus "seeds". We will also be discussing subject and predicates this week, to ensure we understand the parts of a sentence!

Ask me about: What are some characteristics of a personal narrative? What are you thinking about focusing on for your personal narrative?
What you can do: Ask your child to share their ideas with you from their Writer's Notebook and share events and stories that can help us generate a personal narrative that includes a beginning, middle, and end.

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This week we will continue Unit #1 and will be focusing on the following:
  • Classify quadrangles based on their properties
  • Identify properties of polygons
  • Distinguish between concave and convex polygons
  • Practice using a compass to draw circles - We will be celebrating "International Dot Day" as we "make our mark... and see where it takes us!"
  • Define properties of circles

*We will also be introduced to TenMarks this week, a website that consists of questions to help review concepts and challenge our brains to help us grow as learners. Be sure to ask your child about Tenmarks - they will have an assignment due on Friday!

Ask me about: How do you classify polygons? What the properties of....?
What you can do: Review math vocabulary with your child and ask them to classify various objects around the house based on their geometric properties.

Science ~ Matter (Part #1)

We will be discussing similarities and differences between each of the states of matter by creating a Venn Diagram of the properties of solids, liquids, and gases. We will also be investigating solids and liquids to conclude that neither gain or lose weight when their shape is changed because nothing is added to them and nothing is taken away. As scientists, students will continue to make scientific observations and record detailed notes to help reach and support our conclusions with evidence from our investigations.

Don't forget... we have a quiz on Friday!

Ask me about: What are the properties of solids, liquids, and gases? How do scientists make observations and use them to support their conclusions? What happens to the weight of solids and liquids when their shape is changed?
What you can do: Encourage your child to identify objects and materials based on their properties as solids, liquids, and gases. Ask them to give you reasons why using their observation skills to provide evidence to support their answers.

We are... a PEANUT SAFE classroom!

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