Panther Journal

Norfolk Jr. high

by zach kiichler

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Young Peter Piper was arrested on August 27, 2005 for the conviction of theft. On that day,
Peter stole a pig and ran with him down Oak St. The pig’s owner needed help in finding his pig. Eventually, he found him and returned the pig to the butcher. The pig’s owner found Peter and had him arrested for what he had done. Peter Piper was sent into the hospital with a broken arm and a few bruises from the pig injuring him, but he will be released from the hospital in a few days for stealing.

bike race

Bike Race is a game where you unlock new bikes to beat your friends on different levels. You unlock bikes by doing achievements or buying them. You can play your friends by connecting to Facebook. The app is available for the iphone and ipod. There are many fun,crazy, impossible tracks for you to complete. In multiplayer mode you can chat with people in between turns. The most violence in the game is when you crash, because when you do, it makes an explosion sound. Sadly the game does have a lag from time to time.

Rise of the gurdians

RISE OF THE GUARDIANS IS A MOVIE THAT IS BASED ON THE BOOKS WITH ALL THE ICONIC PEOPLE OF THE SEASONS LIKE THE SANDMAN , THE EASTER BUNNY(Hugh Jackman), SANTA CLAUS(Alec Baldwin) , JACK FROST (Chris Pine) and the TOOTHFAIRY (Isla Fisher). With Santa Claus being more bulk than fat and having swords, there's a few scenes that are violent. This movie is great for children, as well as a family movie.