Samurai & Bushido

Wes Combs

Introduction to Samurai & Bushido

The Samurai was a military force brought forward, there only purpose was to protect the security and property of their employers. The Samurai fought on horseback, they wore a helmet and armor, and was equipped with a bow and a sword. They lived by a strict warrior code, called Bushido.

Bushido is a Japanese code for a warrior. The code going along the lines of "the way of a warrior". The term appeared in 1625 and was used for many different types of warriors in Japan. This term was given to the Samurai.


What effect each system had on Japanese Culture during their specific time period?

The Samurai & Bushido effected the way of life for many people. Before, they was no purpose of life. But once Samurai and Bushido was introduced, young men changed there way of life to become honored as a Samurai. Following the Bushido way, which is a very strict way of becoming a warrior, it transformed men.


Today was the first day i have actually been in some real combat. A few George clan members had entered are area, so I and a few of the other Samurai approached them. Most of the time there is no combat and just protecting of my property. My horse still isn't doing very well, His left front leg is badly hurt, and i will be without him for a while. Tomorrow, i plan to go and meditate. I have been dealing with much stress and need relief. It is dark now, i must pray to the Buddha and get some sleep.

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