Late Middle Ages

By: Tristan Bjarnason BLK:8

Craft Guilds

  • Specilizing in trade
  • as bakers, tailors, sword makers and armour makers
  • tradespeople oporated in a guild
  • guilds controlled prices
  • eliminated compitation guilds ran trade activity between towns

Life in Medieval town

Streets/Buildings: Centers for farm comunities , castles palace or large monastery, stone walls for protection, built gates, middle class houses were bunched up, emptied chambers in the middle of streets.

Roles of Markets/Fairs: To sell things, help cities grow, people came from all over from town to town to buy and trade, made people start to open up permantent buisness

Sanitation and Cleanliness: Dumped garbage in streets, dumped pots into the streets, pigs roamed free, opened sewers.

Example of Medieval Town

Mystras, Greece

Rise of Merchant Class

Money was not very important back then it was more measured in land. people became more indapendant and could make their own money through trade

Activity #2- Technologies of the TIme

New Freedoms in Towns

society became less rigid the middle class was growing as trade increased by acquring wealth and skills some towns people had opportunity to move up.


Parts of a Castle: Fortifacations used for built out of wood and earth lords who were knights built them all over Europe to fight attackers with best defense. high walls and draw bridges over wide moats had soldiers and stables a chapel and armoury.

Example of a Famous Castle:Dover Castle, Kent England


Life in Medieval Castle: People would go to castles in help of defense they had water and food for people to that stay for a seige.


Role and how to become a Knight: Knighted hood reached its highest state of development you had to swear on a code of honor fight for kings had to brave generous and truthful knights had to protect women and children.

Role of Jousting: Practicing for battling by perfecting their physical ability's and increases their chances of staying alive

Chivalry: Was based on a personal honor. the model knight was brave, generous and truthful knights could've fell short by mistreating a serf or a normal person by assaulting them

The code of Chivalry: Brave so they wouldn't chicken out of fights to protect people

Generous: they would give to the needy

Strong: needed to be strong enough to protect normal people

Truthful: tell the truth to people

Couragues: had to have courage to fight in wars

Fit: Stay fit so it could be fast in all the armor


Weapon: (Long Bow) Used in medieval time by archers, called long bow men it was a powerful wooden bow that had tension was drawn by hand and it would be up to 6-7 feet long made it easy to kill people from far away.

Siege Weapons:(Medieval Catapult) Used in Medieval times during seiges they were used for hurling stones or other objects anything that launches anything was considered as a catapult it changed the game by being able to kill people from deep range


(Shield): Are defined as armor carried on the arm to intercept blows or used as a protecting or covering or structure first in Bronze age used by different types of ancient civilization by ancient Greeks, Romans and Persions.

Activity #3: Culture

Food and Drink

The quantity, quality and type of food consumed was a different diet between Royalty and Nobility was different then lower class the dark ages led to primitive society lacking in elegance or refinement most food ingredients were home grown cooking food depended on where you lived if you were poor you lived in a little shack if rich you lived in big castles or houses they had servents or serfs to cook them food it was important that they preserved food in the summer to be eaten in winter animals were not kept through winter and slaughtered in Autumn meat in middle ages were preserved through salt


A famous person Donatello was in mos interesting period of time was famous for Florentine painting

saw many changes up to the emergence of the Renaissance period art was initially restricted the product the production of Piestic painting not portrait painting in the art of the middle ages there was Byzantine Art, Roman esque Art what influences them to make art they probably liked to do it and must of got a lot of money back then.