First Nations

There were many first nations groups in Canada but the two we learned this year are the Wendat and the Innu. The Wendat lived close to forests. Summers were hot and winters snowy. In the spring the Wendat prepared soil and planted seeds for the summer. In the summer the Wendat tended crops and fished. In the fall the Wendat harvested crops for the winter because they couldn't get crops in the winter. In the winter, the coldest part of the year, the Wendat created and repaired tools for the summer. They also ice fished. The innu however lived in places where there was a lot of rocks and near the Atlantic ocean. The disadvantage is the land not good for farming. In the spring and summer they traveled to the water to hunt sea mammals and fish. During this time they hunted caribou and moose meat. During the winter and fall, they moved inland to hunt ducks and goose. The climate was much much colder than the Wendat's.

The Europeans