Legistlative Branch

by Fatimetou Yedali

Legistlative Branch

Legistlative Branch is the division of the government that proposes bills and passses them into laws. It is made up of two houses, as created in the in the compromise. The senate has two members from each state. In the house of representatives each state is represented according to its population.

house of representatives and the senate

1. The house of representatives was established as a result of the great compromise. The house is larger than the senate.

The constitution gave congress the power to determine the size of the house and to divide representation according to state population. States with large populations have more representatives than small states.

2. Our country's legistlative branch, or branch, includes another lawmaking body called the senate. Voters elect two senators from each state, regardless of population size. There is equal representation from each state in the senate. It doesn't matter if the state is big or small, densely or sparsely populated, or where it is located. Senators are elected every 6 years. The elections are staggered so that both senators from a state are not elected at the same time.

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