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June 2022

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About Us

Our Employee Wellness and Support Services will provide you information on mental, physical, nutritional, and financial health through support and guidance, as well as promoting personal and professional productivity through educational engagement. Visit our website for more information about Employee Wellness and Support Services: Employee Wellness and Support Services
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The IISD EWS Newsletter

This newsletter will provide you with information on emotional, mental, physical and nutritional health. We will focus on how to help you be proactive about your health and well-being. The EWS Newsletter will also provide support & guidance resources that we hope will assist you in dealing with stressors and challenges.

"Dear Ask Anything Anonymously"

Time to ask! Do you have questions that you want to ask regarding wellness? Send us your questions via email at iisdewsresources@irvingisd.net. We will anonymously post and answer your questions on our next newsletter.

Jokes of the Month

It's been said that "laughter is the best medicine." We hope that our Jokes of the Month will provide laughter and maybe even lighten the mood and inspire a smile.

1. What do you call security guards working outside of Samsung shops?

2. What happens when pilots pass through rainbows during their last test flight?

3. Which dinosaur always stays indoors?

*Answers will be at the end of the newsletter.

Men's Health Month

June is Men's Health Month! This month is about encouraging the men in your life to take care of their bodies by eating properly, exercising regularly, and working to prevent disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, men in the United States, on average, die 5 years earlier than women and die at higher rates from the three leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer and unintentional injuries. It is encouraged during this month that men take control of their health, and for families to teach young boys healthy habits throughout childhood.

Wear Blue Day is on Friday, June 17.

Source: Men's Health Month

Mental Health

How to Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude can be a game-changer: it has far reaching effects, from improving our mental health to boosting our relationships with others. Living your life with gratitude helps you notice the little wins. Each small moment strings together to create a web of well-being that, over time, strengthens your ability to notice the good.

Building your capacity for gratitude isn’t difficult. It just takes practice. The more you can bring your attention to that which you feel grateful for, the more you’ll notice to feel grateful for!

Check out tips and information on how to practice gratitude, daily practices, start a journal, train your brain, and the science of gratitude.

Source: Mindful

Physical Health

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Nutritional Health

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Summer CHARGE Challenge

Complete 1 Visit with a CHARGE Registered Dietitian during June, July, and August and you will be entered in to win a healthy prize from The Charge Group!

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Financial Health

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Foundation99 Webinar - Easy Ways to Work Toward a Debt-Free Life

When: July 12th at 4:30 PM

Accumulation of debt over the course of your life can be a significant cause of financial stress. This course will help you start the process of reducing debt and developing long-term financial behavior to live a debt free life. Our financial coaches will discuss several strategies commonly used to attack and eliminate debt.

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Jokes of the Month Answers

1. Guardians of the Galaxy

2. They pass with flying colors

3. The Indoraptor

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