The Secret Behind Nuclear Fusion!

December 8, 2015

Behind the Scenes...

My name is Natalie Tuinstra and my fellow scientist, Emily, work at PEI (Progressive Energy Incorporated). Recently, we have uncovered the secret behind nuclear fusion. Continue reading to find out more.

So, How does Nuclear Fusion Work???

Nuclear fusion, unlike nuclear fusion is the fusing of two or more atoms forming together. Whereas nuclear fission is the splitting of two or more atoms. Fusion also occurs more in stars and suns while fission doesn't really occur naturally in nature. Either way, they both produce energy.

Safety Concerns

Although nuclear fusion is pretty awesome, their are some safety issues that go along with it. While handling it, you should be extremely careful. It can be explosive but if carefully monitored, it will work just fine.

Economic Impacts

Nuclear fusion is the start of the future. Think about it, we get so much energy from the sun. And, the sun uses nuclear fusion. If we use this, the economy will benefit from it. This is due to the unlimited supply of it. This means the energy rates will go up and energy markets will benefit. Also, it is really safe for the environment because it doesn't give out any greenhouse gasses and it is renewable.