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Our Revoloution

The Great Revoloution

This article shows the great expansions of 1850 through 1860. The great people and extensions that were added to the world marks the start of the great industrial revolution.

The Textile Industry

The textile industry is responsible for the clothing in the U.S. It has grown exponentially over the past decade and is soon going to be shipped out of the country by way of the mississippi

The Mills

The Mills and factories of the United States have spread over the years and they have taken up many jobs for farmers. Here is an interview from farmer James Henry Harrison.

News:"How much do you get paid?"

James:"'Bout $2.00 an hour."

News: " How is your family back home?

James: "Worried sick."

News: "Where do you come from?"

James: "I live in St. Louis, Missouri."

News: "That is all we have to ask"

James: Bye."

Lowell versus Rhode

Samuel Slater created the Rhode island system which took entire families and put them to simple tasks. This allowed good work for little cost. Instead, Francis Lowell used unmarried women to work in his mills.


The Steamboat is changing a lot of things in water transportation. This is important to the world because of the ease it brought on the nation. Not only it can travel long distances faster, it can also go up and down the river with ease. This makes trade a lot easier for the people.

The Railroad

The railroad is a very important thing in this society. I makes all of the traveling faster on land. This is very important to the people who had been dying from all the hazards. The safest way to cross long distances was the train and it is also the the most efficient way to get across the U.S.
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A "telegraph" is a device for transmitting and receiving messages over long distances, i.e., for telegraphy(Telegraph,Wiki). This is a very important piece to the development of our country.Now what once took a few weeks to get to someone like a letter, will be telegraphs and transmitted in seconds. Our great inventor who invented this was Samuel Morse in 1767. Morse was the first to design and experiment with the telegraph and it was a huge success. The "language" used in telegraphs are morse named after the inventor Samuel Morse. Now everyone is using the telegraph and they are a huge part of our standards.

Steam Power

Steam power is a form of technology that uses steam for the working fluid. The first uses of steam power were dated back to the first century AD in Alexandria when they used hot water in an organ. The steam power that is used is more effective and safer than our past power sources and it is still used today.

Farm equipment

The farm equipment we use are up to date now. Our self- governing windmills make our power up to speed. The plows created by John Deere are now made of steel are great for our working people and laborers in the fields. This is a great revolution for the U.S. right now.

Inventions in the home

One of the newest inventions is the heater or radiator. It was a good investment because everything is frozen in winter and the radiator is a great way to keep the people warm and toasty in the chills of the winter month. Also, there is a new patent for a "dish washer" apparently, this machine stinks! the thing barely works but I think that it could be tweaked and made better in the future