Top 10 memories of 6th grade

some very awesome things in here !!!!

first memo:

  • I remember the first day it was scarey cause me and my friends had to go in the office but turns out we were getting our schedules changed.

second memo:

  • Well I knew I was confused and stuff so I found a new friend to hang with her name was Tatum Nash.

third memo:

  • Gym, horrible just one thing I don't like is dressing out in gym clothes and playing dodge ball.

forth memo:

  • O.k. maybe I was a little bit embarassed by my hair and the way i looked but my friends were right there by my side so I was good until i found a new dew brown hair loved it and a side bang one thing makeup omg i couldn't go with out it

fifth memo:

  • Well lets say I had ALOT of friends scence I had tht change every one knew me by the end of the year tht was awesome!!

sixth memo:

  • I got a piercing and it started some BIG drama

seventh memo:

  • I remember when garrets sister ( Alisha D Norris ) was my bff in gym and me and her sang omg we made a good group

ninth memo:

  • Then Mrs. Block came to be the new teacher she has alot of work but she is very nice

tenth memo:

  • then my heart stopped SCHOOOOOOLS OUUUT!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!