Ad Analysis

By: Morgan Champion

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With the ad being mostly black and white, the colored perfumes really pop out to the viewer since they are so bright. This is effective because, before consumers' eyes go to the popular group, they go to their newest product. Furthermore, the fact that the designers of the ad choose such feminine colors for the perfumes(pink and purple) continues to endorse the fact that the product aims towards a younger female audience, mostly fans of the band. Also, the black and white picture of the boys and somewhat color-coordinated clothes portray a simple, clean-cut, and professional feel, thus expanding the ideals of a younger audience, whereas, if the colors and style of the ad were a little less simple, it would reach a much more mature audience.


Because the ad advertises a product by a world famous boy band, teenage female fans are obviously going to be its target audience. The designers strengthened this appeal by using a picture of all five members of the band, so every girl will surely see her favorite member and possibly be more encouraged to buy the product to support not only him but also One Direction as a whole. The ad is also visually appealing to parents who are buying the perfumes for their daughter, because as previously stated, the boys are clean-cut and family friendly based off of this ad.


In the ad, there is very little text, so viewers can not only focus on the pictures of the product itself, but also who is selling it. The less text, the more people will be enticed to look at something, as nobody really wants to read a paragraph while they are busy with their daily lives. The amount and size of the text also helps develop the family-friendliness of the ad, as younger fans may not be able to comprehend large amounts of information. All they really care about is what the product is and who is selling it. The particular font that the designers chose helps to continue the ad's clean-cut, professional appeal, as it is simple and easy to read, unlike some script or handwriting fonts. Also, placing the white words against a dark background helps draw more attention to the main object--the perfume and its more extensive details, as viewers' eyes naturally catch white-against-black first, then go up to lighter colors.


With this ad being simple and to-the-point, a few things are left out. For example, the price of the perfume and where to buy it is missing, probably because, as the boys have fans all over the world, simply naming one store or price in a particular currency would be limiting to those who live in different countries. With such a large fanbase, One Direction also has the opportunity to make various television ads for their products, which are often broadcasted to multiple countries in different languages and showcase more specific information. For example, as we place a heavy influence on Black Friday here in America, the boys starred in a Macy's commercial advertising information about the perfume on Black Friday in particular. Furthermore, placing less information on the paper ad and filming an entire commercial gives them the opportunity to show consumers their real selves. All of their ads have a bit of comic relief about them, which often times, appeals to not only the fans, but also parents who are more than happy to see their child idolize someone family-friendly and true to themselves.

One Direct "Our Moment" Macy's Black Friday Commercial

One Direction (Our Moment) Macy's Comercial!


Because this is specifically a One Direction product, the band is portrayed as the "center of attention" in the ad. By using the boys themselves instead of random models, it is far clearer that they were involved in the making of the perfumes, and consumers realize that since the biggest band in the world were selling something, they have to have it. This appeal especially works on fans who will do anything to support their favorite boys. Furthermore, the facial expressions and positions of each member really help to bring the demeanor of the ad together, and as with their TV commercials, help at least one of their personalities shine. With Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn making serious expressions, Harry could look at one of his best friends with a slight smile on his face to show that the appeal of the band is joking and fun, while at the same time, getting the job done. Harry's placement in the middle of the boys also helps draw more attention to his playful expression before consumer's eyes go to the others.


Depending on who in particular is looking at the ad, attention can be drawn to different places. Fans, for example, will pay more attention to the boys and then go down to the perfumes; however, average consumers who know nothing about One Direction or who they are will at first be drawn to the perfumes because of their pop of color against a black-and-white background. This is effective because, even if they are not fans, people will be drawn to the product and will perhaps be interested simply based off of the fact that it is a more feminine perfume.


Because the boys are set against a white background in the photo, their darker clothes pop out to the viewer, making the ad visually pleasing. This draws people in and creates a more professional, clean cut appeal. Perfumes are generally supposed to symbolize cleanliness and make a person more put together, so this use of a white background against black, grey, and white outfits really fits. It also makes both the boys and their product seem somewhat classy, since black and white matches pretty much anything and looks more professional and formal, unlike colored pictures, which are more informal and playful.