New territory discovered!

A new territory has been discovered in Asia! The Moluccas were discovered recently by the Portuguese. They are a chain of islands in Indonesia that are nicknamed "the spice islands". Most of these islands are mountainous, but some are low and swampy. The spices that come from these islands are nutmeg and cloves. This will make the Portuguese richer than they ever were. These islands will also get the Portuguese more land, and also a foot ahead of all the other countries that are going to try and colonize Asia.
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TECHNOLOGY: The Telescope

The telescope is a fine piece of technology that was recently invented. It was perfected by Galileo Galilei in 1609, the telescope has it's beginnings in another gadget. Galileo wanted to perfect the microscope by creating more magnifying lenses. What he found was that putting two magnified lenses in front of one another made the viewing significantly more magnified. He put these lenses into a log tube, one in front of the other, and created the telescope. This technological instrument has a varied list of uses. It can be used to stargaze more clearly, as well as see attacking ships from afar. We can't wait to use this technology to see the far away lands from our exploring ships.
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ADVERTISEMENT 1: Come Join Columbus!

Christopher Columbus has just bee cleared by Ferdinand and Isabella to travel to India, but he needs your help! Come join him on his trip overseas to find riches and friendships that will last a lifetime. Meet up with the rest of the crew, and sail to the Indies to find wealth in trading spices and slaves. Furthermore, you will get paid in lots to sail with your mates. Come join Columbus on his trip to India today!
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ADVERTISEMENT 2: Spices Available from Overseas!

The Indies aren't the only places supplying spices! The explorers have discovered an island in Indonesia that is loaded with them! This is the island of Moluccas. The people there are pumping out spices such as nutmeg and cloves. Come to the marketplace to get some of these outlandish flavorings for yourself!
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ADVERTISEMENT 3: Maps for Sale!

Do you ever wish you knew what the world really looked like? Now you can know with just a few pennies! The recent exploration of the Indies and Americas has made old European maps obsolete. However, cartographers can make it all better. The map makers have drawn up new maps with the whole world on them as we see it. Come to the marketplace to get a display piece for your home in a new map!
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INTERNATIONAL NEWS: The Line of Demarcation

The Line of Demarcation is a treaty made between Spain and Portugal. This treaties main purpose is divide what portion of the seas belong to Portugal and Spain. This treaty now divides the freedom of the seas. In the year 1493 these two countries had looked to the Pope to help them divide up the land and territory. The Pope had drew a line through the new world cutting it in half. Any territory on the east side of the line belonged to Portugal as any territory on the west side of the line belonged to Spain. One year after this occurred, Spain and Portugal signed a treaty moving the line further to the west, this treaty is known as the Treaty of Tordesillas. This line basically divided the new world into to powers. The new location of the line split the land between the Cape Verde Islands and the islands discovered by Christopher Columbus. Portugal and Spain believed that this treaty was necessary. The treaty was designed to resolve the disputes that occurred after Christopher Columbus returned back home after his knowledge. There were many things involved with this treaty though, and Christian lands had to be untouched. Due to this and many other factors Portugal could not claim newly discovered lands even if the were on the east side of the line. Due to things such as The Extension of The Apostolic Grant Spain now gained all the mainlands and islands, at the time belonging to what is India, even if the were on the east side. This frustrated the king of Portugal and he claimed that he now had far too little land. The king of Portugal's main goal was to be possessing land that belonged to India. Thankfully, the King of Portugal was able to have the most recent treaty bringing this frustration canceled and he had the line moved west.

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BUSINESS: Slave Trade

At the time new ideas were challenging society. People new that reform was needed if they were to ever achieve a just society. During the Middle Ages people believed in a strict class system and believed that your suffering on Earth would pay off and you would be rewarded by going to heaven. In this new age of reason though, people saw these ideas and viewpoints as irrational and not reasonable. Due to this new reform that was occurring, the class with people who were poor were significantly split from the other social classes. Due to this and economical changes, the peasant life would change drastically. At this time slavery quickly grew. People such as the Europeans and even the Africans participated in slavery. It quickly grew in being a huge source of money for people as well as a sign of wealth and showed your high status in society. Many people began to find a use for slaves and they found Africa to be an easy place to get them mainly because Africans enslaved other Africans. It was not the most difficult job to acquire a slave from Africa. They were then sent out to other places, often going through the Middle Passage, doing work for there owners.


Afonso I: The great King Afonso I of Kongo died last Thursday, in 1542. Throughout much of his reign, he wrote many letters to the Portuguese in how the slave trade was wrong, but never got an answer back. He even wrote to King João III to stop enslaving his people, for it was weakening his country. He never got an answer back for this either. One of the things he is best known for is his attempt to convert Kongo into a Roman Catholic country. He got his knowledge from the Portuguese, and so did his father. One thing that the Portuguese believed that he did not is the practice of slavery. He was one of the first anti-slavery figures and should be remembered for that. Today is a sad day for a lot of people. His funeral be held in Kongo.
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Christopher Columbus- Yesterday on May 20 1506, Christopher Columbus passed away. He was born in Italy, but worked as an explorer for Spain. With Spain's money, he successfully completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. He may not have been the first to get to America, but his voyages led to the first lasting European contact with the Americas. When he went on his first voyage in 1492, he intended to find a route to India, but didn't and he called the people Indians. That is why many native Americans are called Indians, because of Columbus' mistake. Before he tried to get support from the Spanish monarchy, he went to Portugal to try to get support. Here he failed twice at trying to get support, with the government denying him two separate times. His original three ships that Spain gave him were the Niña, Pinta, and the Santa María. On these three ships he carved a name for himself that will last for centuries to come.
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Ferdinand Magellan- We just got awful news on Ferdinand Magellan died on April 27 1521. A couple of months ago on his trip around the world, he claimed the Philippines for Spain. In the Philippines he and many other men were killed from the ships. The lucky ones who survived just got back last week and told us the awful news. Before this incident, he was a skilled sailor that was circumnavigating the globe. Of course he never made it, but some of his crew can say they were the first ever. Magellan was born to a wealthy Portuguese family in 1480. Before his circumnavigation, he went on ships to different places including Goa and India, where he fought many battles as a soldier. At one point he even worked for Afonso de Albuquerque, the governor. When Magellan left on his circumnavigation voyage, it was August 10 1519. When the voyage returned, it was September 6 1522. Magellan's voyage was the first to circumnavigate the world in the history of the planet and that is what he should be remembered for.
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Interview With an African Native

Clinton Hegarty interveiwed an African Native, Xola, about the slave raid in his village. The following is their conversation between Clinton and Xola through a translator, Effiom.

C: Hi Xola, how are you doing today? Your village is lovely.

X: I am O.k., and yes our village is nice, but not compared to your European cities. You probably think this is awful

C: Yes, actually, to be honest, but that is not why I came to talk. I wanted to ask you about the raids.

X: Oh yes, those. The one that swept through this village took 30 people to be shipped to Europe as slaves

C: That is awful, how did they take that many?

X: They came in large numbers, and we couldn't suppress them. They began taking men and women and tying them up. It was so sad. They took my brother, Kashka, but I didn't see this, because I ran. Only the people that stayed to fight were taken. Some of the men got off their horses to grab the women. I can't believe this happened to us.

C: I am so sorry. How is your family doing?

X: We are grieving his being taken, but so are the other families that lost loved ones. We just hope it doesn't happen again.

C: That must be awful. You obviously need your time to grieve. Those were all the questions I had, thank you for your time. I will pray to God that your village won't be raided, and your loved ones won't be taken.

X: Thank you sir. Have a good day.

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