Ag Impact

By: Perri C. Jared M. Spencer W.

Agriculture's Impact on Iowa

Agriculture, no matter where you live affects you. In this presentation you will learn all about agriculture and the effects of Iowas Farms, FFA, Livestock, Soil, and economy. All of these are affecting Iowa agriculture and you. Agriculture is everywhere, you might just need a second pair of eyes to show you where and what they are. Today you will be informed about Iowa's Soil, Livestock, and Economy and the research we did to find it. Enjoy!

Iowa Soil

Soil, the ground you walk on, grow food from, and start lives on. It is Extremely valuable to Everyday life in Iowa. When you think of Iowa the majority of the country will say redneck farmers. Well I bet the people that call us "redneck farmers" don't know that we have the most fertile soil in America. Iowa's black gold produces some of the best corn and soybeans in U.S.A. Iowa's people not only farm to put food in there families mouths, most family farms are pasted down generation to generation. Soil is so important to Iowa and its people it would take hours for you to hear all of them. Iowa Agriculture is widely based of high crop yield, good ground for planting, feeding, and keeping livestock alive. so overall Iowa agriculture affects its people in many ways but the one that dominates is Soil.

10 fun facts about Iowa Soil

  1. Iowa Has 11,000 different types of soil
  2. Iowa's Soil is Nicknamed "Black gold"
  3. Iowa's Soil is so Rich it took 3,200 years to make
  4. There is only 8.6 of the 16 inches of the original topsoil left
  5. Iowa is the Number one producer of Corn in the country
  6. Iowas has 32 million acres of farm devoted to farmland
  7. Iowas soil is devoted to cropland with 26 million acres of the 32 million
  8. 92% of Iowa's land is devoted to Ag
  9. Iowa's soil is extremely saturated With average rainfall at 30.1 inches per year
  10. Iowa's 5 most important Ag products include corn, beans, cattle, hogs, and dairy products all of these are affected by Iowas soil


Cows and Pigs have a big impact on Iowa. They are found on almost every farm. The most common found cow on a Iowa farm is the Black and White Holstein. If we didn't have cows and pigs on our Iowa farms we would have hardly any meat. In 2011 the United States produced 34.1 Million cows alone! There was 921.4 million tons of beef and variety meats produced in the United States in 2011. In order to have good meat in the U.S we need to have cows and pigs.

10 Facts about Cows and Pigs

  1. Dairy cows produce about fifty four pounds of milk a day, which is ninety percent of the world’s milk supply!
  2. Cows are only two years old when they have their first calf!
  3. Once the females (gilts) and males (boars) reach five months of age they are selected to breed.
  4. Total Cattle Inventory in Iowa was 3,900,000
  5. State Rank All Cattle & Calve was sixth
  6. Yearly Marketing’s 2,043,000
  7. Number of Feedlots 7,845
  8. Number of Farms with Beef Cows 21,000
  9. Number of Beef Cows 895,000
  10. Cash Receipts from Cattle & Calves $2.470 Billion


Iowa Agriculture is an extremely important part of life and Economy in Iowa. Ag is one of the widest and productive industries in the U.S. but is extremely beneficial in Iowa. Without agriculture we would not have most of the food that we eat today. Also not as many people would have jobs that they actually like. Iowa Agriculture gives over 88,000 jobs to Iowans and 25 billions dollars a year. Agriculture also has a big impact on education. Over 25,500 people enroll in Iowa State University alone in the field of agriculture. It is because of these people we have the materials to builds our houses, schools, and activities centers.

10 Facts About Economy

  1. Farmers earn about 10 billion dollars for their soybean and corn crop
  2. Iowa raised more than 2.4 billion bushels of corn in 2009, or 18 percent of the total U.S. corn crop of 13.2 billion bushels.
  3. Iowa’s total agricultural exports for fiscal year 2009 were valued at more than $6.4 billion, ranking Iowa second in the nation in agricultural exports.

  4. Iowa’s total cash receipts for farm commodities in 2009 totaled more than $21 billion – the second highest in the United States.

  5. Jobs associated with meat production and meat processing make up over 30 percent of the Ag-related workforce in 30 Iowa counties

  6. Production agriculture and Ag-related industries directly and indirectly employ one of every six Iowans

  7. livestock and poultry alone generates 43,324 jobs in Iowa

  8. Agriculture adds 72.1 billion dollars to the states economy.

  9. Cash Receipts from Cattle & Calves is 2.45 billion dollars

  10. The value of crop production has risen from $83 billion

Ag Survey

Do you live on a farm?

  • Yes -48%
  • No -31%
  • I Don't now, but I have before 21%

How often do you visit a farm?

  • Daily - 42%
  • Weekly - 19%
  • Monthly - 27%
  • Never - 12%

What kind of farm?

  • Cattle and other livestock 35%
  • Crops 29%
  • Both 36%

Do you have a relative who works in a job of agriculture

  • Yes -66%
  • No -32%
  • Has before 2%

How does agriculture in Iowa affect you? 3-5 sentences

Do you plan on having a career in agriculture?

  • Yes - 35%
  • No - 20%
  • Still thinking about it 45%

Iowa Agriculture Conclusion

Iowas agriculture spreads further than just corn and cows. You learned about all the different different kinds of agriculture and how it affects us. Agriculture is nothing short of pure importance in Iowa, we hope you learned that today and thank you for watching.