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J.F. Webb High School Newsletter - February 24, 2020

Welcome to Warrior News

Welcome to the February issue of the Warrior News. Each month, we will showcase happenings at J.F. Webb High School. If you have ideas and/or would like to contribute, please let us know.

Dr. Jeff Batten, Principal Resident

Brianna Antunez-Santana, Junior

Jaya Crutchfield, Junior

Brooklyn Prigden, Senior

Robert Siemienkowicz, Junior

ACT Test - Tuesday February 25, 2020

All juniors will take the ACT Test on Tuesday, February 25.

Before the Test

  • Get a good night's sleep
  • Eat a decent breakfast before the test
  • Arrive at school on time
  • Review ACT test materials (practice tests, test-taking strategies)
  • Use MethodTestPrep

During the Test

  • Answer EVERY Question (no blanks!)
  • Read each question carefully, pay attention to keywords
  • Answer the easy questions first (don't get hung up)
  • Pace yourself
  • Use logic on more difficult questions
  • ENGLISH: re-read the sentence with your answer
  • MATH: use the plug-n-chug method
  • READING: quickly scan the questions before reading the passages
  • SCIENCE: quickly scan the questions, then use the passage, figures graphs, & charts
  • 5 minutes left... Answer EVERY question

Featured Warriors

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Regular Season and Conference Champions! Go Warriors!!!

On Saturday, February 22, the Lady Warriors Basketball Team were named the regular season and conference champions after beating Granville Central High School, 58-39.

The Warriors take on Wheatmore High School 7pm Tuesday evening at Webb in the first round of the state tournament. #WarriorPride

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World Travelers Ann & Doug Peters travel to JF Webb High School

Ann Peters has an M.Ed. in Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum with a focus in TESOL and has worked with English Language Learners (ELLs) for the last twelve years. She has taught in Asia, Europe, and America and has experience with students from age three through adult. Ms. Peters has been working for Granville Public Schools since 2018, but before that she taught for Vance Granville Community College and the University of Missouri. She has also worked at CG Credle Elementary School, Stovall Shaw Elementary School, Mary Potter Middle School, and Granville Central High School. Her biggest challenge coming to JF Webb was learning the names of all the teachers and students. She also got lost a few times. What she loves the most about JF Webb is her students and she absolutely adores her Webb classes.

Doug Peters is originally from Edison, NJ. He has been in the classroom for over 20 years, teaching all ages from pre-K to Kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school, university, and adults. He has taught on three continents, starting at his old high school in the US and ranging from a Greek island in the Mediterranean to the Korean Peninsula. When not teaching social studies, he enjoys spending time with his family. His biggest challenge? "Despite my experience, it's like starting at year 1 again. Having to create many lesson plans from scratch given the new schedule (including a class I've never taught before and one I haven't taught since 2015) is a big part of most of my prep time both in school and at home." He is excited to be at Webb, where public education offers students more opportunities than they would get at other schools. He also likes how admin is very active in the school in supporting the students and teachers.

Left Picture: Doug, Ann, and Matt visiting Thailand in 2015. Right Picture: Doug, Matt, Ann, and Veronica high above the 2019 NC State Fair.