Alyssa Carrington Period 1

Ireland is the Best

Ireland is the place to be. Why? Simple. You hungry? Well, if you are, you're going to be even more after I tell you about their amazing food. You know what's considered an Irish specialty? Smoked salmon. Along with Irish stew and Irish lamb. Mm...tasty. You love playing soccer or basketball? Well, if you do, then Gaelic Football is your new favorite sport. You can use your hands and your feet! Some other popular sports include hurling, soccer, and rugby. You like looking at amazing sites? Well then come to Dublin! They have lots of things to see! They have lots of yearly celebrations. The main ones are New Year's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Labour Day, Christmas, and St. Stephens Day. One great place to visit is the National Museum of Ireland.


The official language of Ireland is Irish, but they speak mostly English now. Some popular phrases they are use are "Slán" which means goodbye, "Sláinte" which means health(used as a toast), and "Fáilte" which means welcome.

Government and Currency

The type of government Ireland has is a parliamentary republic. Their president serves a 7 year term. They use the Euro as their currency. One euro is equal to $1.35 U.S dollars.


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