Hawthorne Happenings

Week of 3/27-3/31

Hello all,

Here are the highlights from last week:

  • Show Choir performance - Once again, the show choir put on a great performance!! I really felt that our students were a great audience! As I looked around the auditorium, our students were clapping along, singing, and really enjoying themselves. If you have not already, please acknowledge your students for being such a good representation of Hawthorne.
  • Snowball Tournament - Thank you PBIS team for organizing the Snowball tournament schedule and event. Although our teachers are no longer undefeated after getting it handed to us by the 3rd graders, the students had lots of fun.
  • P/T Conferences - Thank you for your time on Tuesday. It was a long day, but well worth it. We had a pretty good turnout with parents. I hope you appreciate the opportunity to share your students' learning and progress with their parents. It's an opportunity that many times escapes us and parents are always happy to hear it.

Week of 3/27-3/31

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Tornado Drill - 3/27

Monday, at approximately 1:45, we will have a Tornado Drill. Just as we did with the fire drill, please remember to bring your emergency folders. As a heads up, we will have another fire drill and tornado drill before the year is through. These will be unannounced.

Staff Meeting - 3/28

We will have a staff meeting on Tuesday at 3:05. The main discussion will be regarding Iowa Assessments. Iowa Assessments will begin next Monday, April 3rd. We will review proper procedures while administering the tests.

Iowa Assessments - 4/3-4/7

We will start administering Iowa Assessments next Monday, April 3rd. Once again, we will review the proper procedures for administering these tests on Tuesday at our staff meeting. Please be aware that the entire week of April 3rd-April 7th we will be running a 2 hour late start specials schedule to allow for fewer distractions.

Looking Ahead...

  • 4/3-4/7 - Iowa Assessments - running a 2 hour late start schedule
  • 4/5 - Kindergarten Character Counts

"It's always a great day to be at Hawthorne!"