rebuilding athens

it is amazing

Greek science

Medicine: Hippocrates brought a scientific way of thinking to his work as a doctor.

Body: They discovered that the heart was a pump to send blood to the body and they learned that the brain was the central of the nervous system.

Animals: The identified many types of plants and their parts and learned that some plants could be used as medicine

Greek sports

Olympics: The Greeks often held athletic events to honor gods or goddesses.

Pentathlon: Is a Greek word that means “five contests”the Greek pentathlon includes foot race discus throw and more

Olympics: every 4 years they would have an Olympics in honor of zeus

Greek theater

Plays: Greeks plays grew out of songs and dances that the Greeks perform at harvest time.

Competition: People from all around the world come to see the plays and competitions

Masks: The mask has four reasons for the play

Plays: the Greeks created tragedy and comedy also.

Greek philosophy

Democrats: Pericles glorified Democrats he spread it to other City-States

Socrates: Was always encouraging people to question what they thought they know.

Greek math

Math: One such scientist Pythagoras believed that numbers were the key to understanding nature.

Geometry: Is the way of the Greeks to measure their land

Greek Architecture

Temples: The Greeks built their temples as beautiful dwelling places for gods & goddess rather than a place to worship.

columns: Their are three different types of columns there names are Doric, Corinthian, and ionic columns. And each one was used very differently.