With Graham Barth


Jumpshots are one of the hardest parts of basketball. When shooting a jump shot you need to have great form. Your feet need to be about shoulder width apart. Bend your knees and shoot the ball at the hoop. Make sure you follow through with your dominant hand. The next step is to watch the ball fly through the hoop!


Defense is the most important part of basketball. When playing defense you need to watch the opponents torso. Not their eyes or the ball!!! This makes it easier to stay with your opponent. You must stay between your opponent and the basket or they will get a easy layup


When dribbling you have to keep your hand on top of the ball. This gives you better control of the ball. look up the court while you dribble so you can see your teammates. Keep the ball below your waist. If you dribble too high the other team can steal it easily.


Rebounding is a huge part of basketball. It is a major part of both offense and defense. When you go up for a rebound you have to get a good position. You should stand in front of your opponent so you block him from getting the rebound. When the ball comes off of the rim just time your jump and grab the ball.

Right Handed Layups

Layups are the easiest baskets to make. You shoot a layup when you are running towards the basket. While shooting a layup you can only take two steps or it will be a travel. You need to take your steps in the order of left foot right foot. Aim for the corner of the backboard and you will make it every time!