Science Class

Mrs. Liebermans 6th Grade Science Class

This year for our summer packet we had to creatively redesign our science class. So, we can put our unique touch on it. We need to decorate everything from work spaces to technology stations. We even need to place the smart board, computers, and I pads. Also, we needed to organize and place microscopes, experiment supplies, test tubes, measuring cups, and more. We can place any cool posters on the walls we want.

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The Plan

  • In the front right hand corner will be the teacher's desk.
  • Next to it will be the smart board and technology station.
  • The desks will be grouped in 5s and 6s.
  • The sink clean-up area will be in the back.
  • Over top of the sink will be shelves and next to it will be a cabinet to keep supplies in.

Clean Up Area

The sink is in the back. Next to the sink will be the paper towels and soap. There will be wipes and tissues in the back.


  • above the sink
  • in the cabinet next to the sink
  • under the sink