Summer Reading Project

By: Breelyn Stover

The Fault In Our Stars/Comprehension

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Plot Line

Exposition-Hazel Grace (has lung cancer) goes to a support group and bumps in to a guy names Augustus Waters (got cured from his cancer). They began talking more and more and start to fall in love

Rising Action-They travel to Amsterdam together. They finally begin their relationship (as a couple). At the end of this trip August dumps a huge bomb on Hazel, telling her his cancer came back and that he might not live for a long time (he doesn't do chemo).

Climax-Augustus Waters later passes away from Osteosarcoma, it was very devastating especially for Hazel.

Falling Action- The funeral for Augustus Waters

Resolution-Augustus wrote a very sad letter before he passed away. He wrote it to Hazel.

Character Analysis/Hazel Grace Lancaster

Hazel is very selfless,she loves to read. She stands up for herself and the people close to her. She doesn't wanna hurt anyone (caring).


The setting is in Indianapolis.


The author is John Green.

He is also a youtuber.


Hazels doctors think Hazel is "depressed" and thinks she needs to go to a support group which she dreads. She soon bumps into a guy a little older than she is. They began to talk more and more. They go on a trip to Amsterdam to meet an author which becomes a disaster. They start to fall in love with each other during the trip. And make their relationship final as a couple. Augustus cancer came back. And this couple does not know what to do. (they both have cancer)