Late Sally

Miki Aharoni and Sarah Cohen

The story is a comics book.

The story is about:

1. Sally is a girl, every day she meets a different animal on her way to school.

2. Every morning she is late and her teacher is angry and says " That's not true!. There are no monkeys/lions/ town ".

3. One day Sally isn't late for school. She hears a shout from the cupboard: "help".

4. There is a bear in class Sally tells the teacher "That's not true".

The characters in the book are: Sally, the teacher,some animals.

The book is funny.

I learnt 4 new words from the story, Here they are:

1. waits-מחכה

2. That's not true-זה לא נכו

3. another-אחר

4. her way to school-בדרך לביה"ס

yours: Gili Horev