Tiger Nation

Character, Service, Leadership- September 2019

Message from Dr. Caloss

A big focus for the district over the next few months will be the development of a facilities plan. A group of district employees, parents, and community members have started to meet to have discussions about the district’s facilities. The ultimate goal of this group is to create a 10-year plan to address the needs of the facilities. Several factors will be considered when developing this plan including: student capacity at each campus, age of existing facilities, conditions of existing facilities, projected student growth in the district, safety and security, and instructional needs.

Although facilities alone do not determine the success of our students, it does play an important role. Studies do show a relation between the condition of a school building and student success. The better the condition, the more likely a student will be successful. Building conditions also factor into attraction and retention of teachers. Again, several factors determine whether or not a teacher will come to work and stay in a school, but facilities is definitely is an important factor. Research will show the better condition the building, the more likely a district can get and keep a teacher.

Just like most other school districts, Wills Point ISD will always look for ways to improve student success. Facilities do play an important role in this endeavor. This makes it imperative that a facilities plan is developed and implemented to help students succeed.

Safety & Security with Chief Wilhelm

WPISD New Director of Safety and Security- Chad Wilhelm

Facilities with Mr. Russell

There were many upgrades this past summer in Wills Point ISD in regards to our facilities, specifically related to safety. Every campus is seeing successful operations with the new entry control and safety measures. Therefore, we are thrilled that we have been able to implement these measures for a safe learning environment.

This past month WPISD Transportation has been able to complete the grouping of bus riders and bus routes in our mass communication system. This process is vital for efficiently notifying parents and guardians for any, and all, changes related to route dropoff and pickup times. By grouping riders and routes, the WPISD Transportation department can send out mass communication for quick information distribution.

Homecoming 2019

Wills Point ISD was a booming place the week of September 23-27! We enjoyed the week with theme days at each campus. Students and staff dressed to the theme each day.

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Carnival & Bonfire

Wednesday evening, we hosted the annual Homecoming carnival, pep rally, and bonfire. Over 25 businesses, churches, and organizations participated this year! The community turned out in record attendance for food, fun, and games. A huge shout-out to Ann Daniell and Len Turner, along with the Student Council for the hard work and time put into this event! It gets better and better every year!
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Friday morning, students flooded campuses with BLUE as we all gathered for the district Homecoming pep rally. This tradition allows our younger students to grow up learning what school spirit is all about. Our older students do a fabulous job of modeling appropriate behavior and how hard work and determination bring great rewards.
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Friday Night Lights

We finished off the week with a large crowd at Ken Autry Davis Field with a hard-fought game against Krum. Tigers triumphed with a 27-10 win over the Bobcats!
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A Queen is Crowned

After recognition of class court, our five duchesses took the field escorted by their fathers. Emilie Cabaniss, Kyann Collins, Kirsten Hatten, Maddie Hiler, and Marisa LaJone.

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Court is in Session

Class representatives from each grade level were recognized as members of the Homecoming Court during halftime festivities. 9th grade: Jack Patterson and Paris Hottinger; 10th grade: Jacob Daniell and McKenzie Moore; 11th grade: Aaron Hardman and Randa Waters; 12th Grade: Noah Lovell and Graci Douglas.
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Remembering 9/11

Mrs. Porter’s classes had the opportunity to research and learn about our nation's tragedy and triumphs on 9/11. Thank you to 7th grade student, Shelby Emmons, for writing a memorial essay over this day in history. Shelby read her essay for the entire campus during morning announcements. She was recognized by the Marine veteran and Director of School Safety, Chad Wilhelm, and campus principal for her outstanding contribution.
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Woods- Respect

Along with our incentive programs, we will also be recognizing students who display positive character traits. We will have a focus character trait each month. At the beginning of the month, Mrs. Smith, our counselor, will meet with our students for a character lesson. Then throughout the month, teachers will identify students who exhibit the trait. Those students will be recognized during morning announcements, and they will sign a banner displayed in the hallway and have their picture taken. We have awesome students at Woods, and these incentives allow us to reward them and promote good character and attendance.

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See You at the Pole!

A small group of teenagers in Burleson, Texas, came together for a DiscipleNow weekend in early 1990. The vision was that students throughout Texas would follow these examples and meet at their school flagpoles to pray simultaneously. The challenge was namedSee You at the Pole™ at a brainstorming session during a meeting of key youth leaders. The vision was shared with 20,000 students in June 1990 at Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas. At 7:00 a.m. on September 12, 1990, more than 45,000 teenagers met at school flagpoles in four different states to pray before the start of school. Reports came into toll-free number for days after the first event. On September 11, 1991, at 7:00 a.m., an estimated one million students gathered at school flagpoles all over the country. From Boston, Massachusetts, to Los Angeles, California, from North Dakota to the tip of Texas, students came together to pray. Some sang, some read Scripture, but most importantly, they prayed. Like those first students, they prayed for their schools, for their friends, for their leaders, and for their country.
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Partner's PE

Our amazing Partners PE program is up and running this year. Students have begun working with their partner to learn new skills to be successful at special olympics. This month students learned how to play badminton. Everyone had a blast and worked up a sweat, too. There was a lot of friendly competition going on with full participation!

Partners PE is a success-oriented physical education program featuring supervised peer tutors and individualized learning and instruction. The purpose of Partners PE is to encourage physical activity, increase knowledge of health and fitness strategies, and assist in the acquisition of individual lifetime recreation activities and/or skills associated with team sports. Partners PE is designed to meet the unique physical education needs of students with disabilities who cannot meet the TEKS requirements or regular physical education because of physical, social, emotional, or behavioral limitations.

PJammin for Kids with Cancer and Coins for Cancer

This month is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The Primary school will be collecting coins for cancer awareness from September 16th-September 27th. Students can bring coins in to help their HOUSE win! Last year we raised over $3,000 and we hope to do that again this year. To start off our week of collecting coins we are PJammin for Kids with Cancer and we encourage all our students to wear pajamas to school Monday, September 16th. We will have a celebration walk on Friday, September 27th!

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#Service Wills Point students give back!

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Student Leaders

WPJH held its Student Council election on Thursday, September 19th. Students running for office had to create posters and give a campaign speech during lunch to their classmates. WPJH has 15 members that make up the Student Council. This group of students represent the student body in various activities throughout the year such as planning school dances, organizing our canned food drive, and various activities that give back to our community. Pictured are the newly elected Student Council members for both 7th & 8th grade for the 2019-2020 school year.

7th grade

President- Madison Egenbacher

Vice President - Emma Patterson

Secretary - Mavery Salisbury

Treasurer - Cameron Redding

Class Representatives - Blake Moore, Kenna Davis & Kevin Cervantes

8th grade

President - JJ Goode

Vice President - Landon Plant

Secretary - Yuri Frykholm

Treasurer - Ethan Kornegay

Class Representatives - Nathan Thomas, Colton Zincke, Brandon Cox & Jeremiah McLaughlin

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Middle School House Ambassadors

This year in our House System, 6th graders will have the opportunity to run for House Leader. All interested students will go through a nomination process, give speeches to House members, and be elected by peers. We are also having a T-shirt design contest for our student House shirts, which can be worn every Wednesday.

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Students Recognized for Work Ethic and Respect

We're here to tell you that we have GREAT young men and women in Wills Point. Recently, we've developed a partnership with Whataburger and Manager, Mike Hale. He happened to mention that he had several of our students working in Canton and they showed tremendous respect, work ethic, and responsibility. Dr. Caloss, Mr. Hale, Mrs. Harle, and Mr. Phillips recognized these students today at WPHS. Congratulations to Ariana Santiago, Adriana Dipietro, Levi Worley, Charles Goombi, Haley Evans, Harmony Worley, Jacob Moir, and Austin Quinn! #BEWP #OTSS #TIGERNATION #CHARACTER #SERVICE #LEADERSHIP #whataburger
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Chrome Crew!

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The Chrome Crew and Chrome Connections Store and Lounge had their grand opening on Wednesday, September 18th, at Wills Point High School. The turnout was great, students were excited and impressed with such a welcoming and innovative space. These student interns will learn and support chromebook repair for all campuses and support technical knowledge on campus. Look for great things from this crew soon!

Tiger Tech with Mrs. Whitaker

The Tiger Tech Badging Program has started with a ROAR this year! The Badging program inspires and encourages teachers to try new digital tools and integrate more innovative methods to increase student engagement and deepen the learning. Not even one week into the launch and we already have 6 teachers who have achieved Level 1 - Congrats to the following teachers for leading the way to innovation on our campuses and in our district!!

Holly Hurley (3rd) - Woods Intermediate

Katrina Glenn (4th) - Woods Intermediate

Sarah Barker (5th Math) - Middle School

Shellby Doigg (ASL) - High School

Jennifer Herod (Science) - High School

Tes Moore (Spanish) - High School

Reflection from Mr. Clements

Fall activities are in full swing and we are gearing up for a great 2019 season at Wills Point High School. Our students, teachers and coaches have been busy planning for fantastic lessons in the classrooms and performances on the fields and courts. We are thrilled that our community joins us to cheer on our Wills Point Tigers as they represent our school. We also want to thank you that this support and enthusiasm extends to the classrooms where students are provided with amazing learning experiences.

This is such an exciting time for our Tigers! We had a busy month preparing for and enjoying all of the homecoming festivities in so many big ways! From the Homecoming Carnival and Bonfire to the hamburger supper prior to the football game, everyone had a great time! Our excitement and enthusiasm cannot be contained. In every picture we take, we show the pride that shines behind the blue and white. Our students represent Wills Point High School well, both in competition and in the classroom.

Thank you to the parents, staff and community for your commitment to excellence and for being an important part of the Wills Point High School Tiger Family. #TigerNation

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Junior High Has Pep!

Thursday September 12th was an awesome day at Wills Point Junior High. To kick off our first home football game, our campus participated in Twin Day! Our students and staff twinned up with a partner to celebrate the Wills Point Junior High Tigers "doubling up" on the Mabank Panthers and collecting wins across the board! On top of everyone dressing up in their best twin gear, we celebrated our first home pep rally. The WPJH band played, cheerleaders, drill team and color guard performed, and we even had a special appearance by Tootsie the Tiger! The entire WPJH campus piled into the gymnasium along with loads of parents to show our Tiger Pride. Overall, it was an awesome day and we are excited for our next pep rally on October 10th!

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Future Engineers!

Engineering design in Mrs. Rowdon’s Robotics class. Students built a paper structure that was cost effective and would support weight. Winners supported 85 pounds of books on 3 pieces of paper.

Rocket Launch Coming!

This year, ten 6th grade students have been accepted into the WPMS Model Rocketry Club. They will be completing 4 levels of accomplishment by building, launching, and retrieving model rockets of various sizes and complexity. We plan to have several launch dates and invite the public to attend. During our 1st meeting, students built simple straw rockets and competed against each other to determine which one went the farthest.
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"Cell"ebrate Learning!

Ms. Parker's 7th grade Science classes doing "Cell Menu" (choice menus) in class today! Cell Menu is a fun way for the students to learn about cells by getting to choose the activity that they want. This way all different kinds of learners can benefit from this activity. They can choose from videos, flip charts, QR codes and even making a song, rap, skit, gif, or meme about cells!

New ELAR Textbook Adoption Helps Students Deepen Understanding

In Mrs. Spurger’s class, students were learning how to annotate their mental images to deepen understanding. They were doing a jigsaw activity where each group annotated for understanding of the plot on one page of their story. They then went back to their group and taught that page to their peers. They also took a brain break with some music and movement.

Attendance Incentive

At Woods, we have started a couple of reward programs. These programs are to promote and reward students who have good attendance, good behavior, and exhibit positive character traits. The first of our incentive programs is to reward students who have 2 or fewer absences, 3 or fewer tardies, and no office referrals over a 9-week grading period. Students who meet these criteria will participate in a special reward day at the end of the nine weeks. We also have a class incentive program where every day a class has perfect attendance, the teacher included, the class earns a letter. When the class receives enough letters to spell out “perfect attendance!”, the class gets to spin a prize wheel to earn a reward.

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"Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories, and love.”

Woods would like to thank all of our grandparents who attended our Grandparents Lunch. Due to the overwhelming success of this annual event, we had to break it up over three days. Over the three days, we had more than 300 grandparents visit our school. Each day was for a different grade level, so we were lucky enough to have some of our honored guests for two and three days. We would also like to thank the teachers and staff at Woods who organized, set up, and provided refreshments for this event.

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Hispanic Heritage Month

Wills Point Primary School

Wills Point Primary will be hosting their 1st Annual Market Day entitled “El Mercado” to be held on October 8, 2019 from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Hispanic Heritage Month began September 17th and ends October 16th. The purpose of this event is to bring awareness to the community and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Wills Point Primary strives to promote relationship-building activities that will create positive outcomes for children and families across the district. The campus knows that strong families and communities help build healthy successful children. We are looking forward to working with families and community organizations to provide Wills Point Primary families with an opportunity to experience the richness of the culture of our Hispanic Population.

Pine Cove Camp!

5th grade parents - Please plan on attending one of the two offered meetings about Pine Cove. We will discuss the trip dates, cost, financial assistance, opportunities for chaperones, and behavior criteria. The meetings will take place in the Middle School Cafeteria at 6:00 p.m. on September 17th and October 1st.
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Calendar of Events


Oct 1st- Volleyball vs. Brownsboro

Oct 2nd - Sports Pictures

Oct 3rd - Cross Country @ Lindale

Oct 3rd - JV Tennis @ Rockwall

Oct 3rd- JV Football vs Hillsboro

Oct 4th - Volleyball @ Van

Oct 4th - Football @ Hillsboro

Oct 8th - Volleyball @ Canton

Oct 8th - Ag Awareness Day @ State Fair of Texas - FFA, FCCLA

Oct 10th-JV Football @ Bullard

Oct 10th- JV Tennis vs. Forney

Oct 10th- End of the 9 Weeks Grading Period

Oct 11th - Student Holiday

Oct 11th- Volleyball vs. Mabank

Oct 11th - Football vs. Bullard

Oct 12th - Tennis vs. Kaufman

Oct 12th - Theater Performance

Oct 14th - School Holiday

Oct 15th - Student Holiday

Oct 15th - Cross Country @ Canton

Oct 15th - Volleyball @ Athens

Oct 17th - East Texas Baptist University Campus Tour

Oct 17th - JV Football vs. Brownsboro

Oct 18th-Volleyball @ Brownsboro

Oct 18th-Football @ Brownsboro

Oct 19th - UIL Meet @ Mabank

Oct 22th - Volleyball vs. Van

Oct 23rd- Sr. Presentation - Balfour

Oct 24th - Sr. Order - Balfour

Oct 24th- JV Football @ Canton

Oct 25th- Volleyball vs. Canton

Oct 25th - Football vs. Canton

Oct 28th - Sr. Order - Balfour

Oct 28th - Cross Country Regional Meet

Oct 29th - Volleyball @ Mabank

Oct 30th - Team Tennis State @ College Station

Oct 31th - Team Tennis State @ College Station


Oct 3rd- Football vs Canton- away

Oct 10th-Football vs Bullard-home

Oct 10th- Volleyball vs Brownsboro-away

Oct 10th- Pep Rally- “Pink Out the Panthers”

Oct 17th-Football vs Brownsboro-away

Oct 17th-Volleyball vs Van - home

Oct 23rd- Fall dance

Oct 24th- Football vs Canton-home

Oct 24th- Pep Rally- “Black Out the Eagles”- Neon Day

Oct 28th- Volleyball vs. Mabank-away


Oct. 1st Pine Cove Parent Meeting

Oct. 3rd Fall pictures

Oct. 10th House Meeting elections

Oct. 11th No school for students

Oct. 14th Columbus Day holiday - no school

Oct. 15th No school for students

Oct. 21st-25th Red Ribbon Week

Oct 30th PTO Fundraiser Kickoff


Oct. 2nd PTO Fundraiser Kickoff

Oct. 8th Fall Pictures

PTO Meeting

Oct. 10th PTO Hospitality

Oct. 11th Student Fall Break (No School/Students)

Oct. 14th Student Fall Break (No School/Students &Teachers)

Oct. 15th Student Fall Break (No School/Students)

Oct. 16th Report Cards

Oct. 18th Academic Pep Rally

Oct. 29th PTO Fundraiser Pick up


Oct. 1st Fall Picture Day

Oct. 2nd Custodian Appreciation Day

Oct. 3rd Fundraiser Delivery

Oct. 4th PTO Hospitality

Oct. 7-11 Fire Prevention Week

Oct. 8th Hispanic Heritage Market and Festival

Interventionists Parent Night

PTO Meeting

Oct. 10th End of 1st 9 Weeks

Oct. 11th Teacher Workday

Oct. 14th No School

Oct. 15th Parent/Teacher Conferences

Oct. 17th Head Start Parent Meeting

Oct. 21st-25th Red Ribbon Week