San andres island

Is part of Colombia in South America

The San Andres island is known for the sea of ​​seven colors and their beauty is unmatched, you can visit the different attractive tourist

It’s the weather very hot and tropical..You should take sunscreen and sunglasses always , because the sun it's very strong. you need to go the shopping in san andres it's duty free zone to get perfumes, clothes, sunglasses, make ups,of everything.

In Colombia the type of currency used is Peso Colombiano the equivalent is

USD$1.00 = COP$1.931

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You could visit The Johnny Cay

You can drink typical cocktails of the area made with tropical fruits really delicious.

Is a regional national park ,it's beach is beautiful also exist the restaurants with especially the cuisine of the island.

In the johnny cay you can see the people do snorkel in the Beach Shore.