Bobcat Weekly Update

We Know Every Child by Name and by Need

September 22, 2017

Great news to our end our week! Kelli Sanders has delivered a very healthy baby boy! I haven't heard the name yet, but mom and he are happy and healthy!

Have a great weekend!

A few things:

One small thing article - This is a great article about making small changes that can have a big impact! It is OK to start small, as long as we start!

Creating Culture - this article is about how we can use the idea of a growth mindset to continue to work and grow in our craft!

Signature line in email - Please be sure to include your name, grade/subject taught, and you phone number in your email signature. With families who have multiple kids in the district, it helps to know who the emails are from.

Lakeview Learner (formally Top Cat) - Please fill in student names on sheet by 9/29. We will visit classrooms the morning of October 2nd.

Guided reading tracking sheet

As you are completing you DRA 2 assessments, please input your students into our campus Guided reading tracking form. Thank you!

Superintendent's Goals

Be sure your teams have reflected and posted responses here.

Faculty Advisory Council - Laura Janese

Link to Google Form

Yesterday at the FAC meeting Dr. Warren assigned homework to each member. He wants campuses to answer the following 3 questions:

1. What incentive ideas do you have teacher attendance?

2. What did the district do really well/not so well for Professional development? (engage, first weeks before kids come)

3. What did you like/not like about back to school? (convocation, days before school, curriculum, pacing, etc.)

Problem of Practice/Instructional Focus

Each year, our leadership team analyzes data, looks for trends, and identify areas where we can have the greatest impact on student learning. Our Problem of Practice is not very different from last year, but we have trimmed it down to be more specific. Please review the document below and let me know if you have any questions.
Big image
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SST Collaboration

I have created a document and I highly encourage you to please leave comments on what changes should be made. As a campus we do not have a common system on who should be brought to SST and when you should bring them. I made a google doc with some of the basics - please comment for your grade level as to what changes you would like to see made. We will all be able to see you comments, and therefore we can come to decision on our SST plan.

Link to collaboration document

Data At-a-Glance

Click here for updated at-a-glance data. Please add or delete students so the document matches our current enrollment information.

Curriculum Night

September 26th

5:00 - Kindergarten

5:15 - Second Grade

5:30 - First Grade

5:45 - Fourth Grade

6:00 - Third Grade

6:00 - Math Acceleration

6:15 - Fifth Grade

6:30 - Dyslexia

TTESS Pre-conference Form

As we are finishing up our goal setting confernces, we can begin looking forward to TTESS observations. Below is the Pre-conference lesson planning form you will use during your TTESS Pre-conference. It also looks similar to last year, but we adjusted a few questions to ponder so they align better with our Problem of Practice and Instructional Focus.


SST and Response to Intervention

Here is this year's calendar. We plan on starting SST meetings the first week of October. However, if you have a student you need to bring earlier, just let us know and we will get it set up.

Important Professional Development Dates

As we are tackling our professional development a little differently this year, I want to make sure you try not to miss the following faculty/PD dates. All are scheduled for after school. I will send out more information next week:)

Staff Led PD 3:20 - 4:15

September 28

October 26

December 6 (Wednesday)

December 20 (Wednesday)

February 1

March 1

March 29

TTESS Thursdays 3:20 - 4:15

October 12

December 14

February 15

April 4

Social Media Training with Christie Hobbs 3:15 - 4:15

November 9th

STAAR Training 3:15 - 4:30

March 22

Lakeview Social Contract

Thank you so much Jennie and Laura for leading our Capturing Kids' Hearts update!
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Save the Date

September 26 - School Picture Day

September 26 - Curriculum Night

September 28 - Vision and Hearing Screening K,1,3,5 and all new/transfer students to the district

September 28 - Faculty Meeting - 5th Grade Leads PD

September 29 - Watch DOGS Kick-off Event 7:20am

September 29 - Spirit wear delivered and handed out to teachers

September 29 - End of the First 6 Weeks

September 29 - Deadline for entering TTESS goals.

October 2 - October 6 - Parent Conference Week

October 2 - Lakeview Learner (Top Cat) - Reflection

October 3 and October 5 - Late Nights for Conferences

October 6 - Early Release (11:40) and Parent Conferences

October 6 - 5th Grade Bobcat Pride

October 9 - Student/Staff Holiday

October 10 - PTA Meeting - one teacher per team please attend

October 12 - Faculty - TTESS Thursday

October 13 - 4th Grade Bobcat Pride

October 13 - Bobcat Dash Kick-off Assembly

October 17 - Grade Level PLCs with Mary and Erika

October 20 - 3rd Grade Bobcat Pride

October 26 - Faculty Meeting - 4th Grade Leads PD

October 27 - 2nd Grade Bobcat Pride

October 31 - K -2 Fire Truck visit

October 31 - Character Parade and Sing Along

October 31 - K-2 Fire Truck Visit

November 9 - Social Media Training with Mrs. Hobbs

The Teacher 50 - Reflect and Win!

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Congratulations to Mrs.Janese for winning the raffle for September 8th. Mrs. Isaacs Celebrated her team in her response and how willing her team is to try new ideas!

Laura- come on down to the office to choose your prize:)

September 22 - Does my grade book accurately reflect student learning?

Link to google form to write your response.

2017-2018 Learner Qualities/PBOM September

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Big image

2017-2018 Handbook

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Awesome Resource:)

These are directions on how to access an online collection of ASCD professional development books. You can read them on your laptop or ipad!

Link to the titles available online.

Great Resource to Organize Google Drive

Lakeview's Vision, Beliefs, and Mission

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