Water For People

Give money to give a kid/adult clean water to help them live


Illnesses have been caused by drinking dirty water. In Africa people don't have clean water so they go to rivers, streams, and puddles(when it rains). People in Africa are dying because they have no medications to help cure illnesses cause by all the dirty water they drink. Another problem that Africa is having is hunger, some people don't have enough money to buy cows. They can't plant crops because it never rains so the crops will dry out, and the dirt is to dry and it will never crop. These are just some of the main issues there is much more issues.

Givers and the charities help support work in tandem to overcome our nation’s and the world’s most persistent challenges

These childeren have gone through a lot just to stay alive. If you would like to help these poor inisent childeren you could go to a website, or make donations. Not just childeren adults also need water. All these people in Africa don't just need water they could also us medical attention. By just donating or going to there website you could help save a child's life even there family.

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