What are Sharks Good for?

By:Hunter Gittings


Someone once said,"Most people don't know that humans kill 100 million sharks every year,mostly for a really expensive soup in Asia."It is actually quite stunning how many products can be made with sharks.Sharks can be made into almost anything!

Are Sharks Edible?

Believe it or not but sharks are edible.Many of the fish products you eat contain a little something extra:shark fin.Since shark is another fish,it i easily hidden in meals.Shark fin soup is the main course in which includes shark.What's crazy is that shark can be found in energy drinks.Shark has even been found in imitation crab (fake crab).
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This is shark fin soup. ^

How does Shark Finning Work?

The process of shark finning is actually quite simple.It starts with normal fishermen catching the unwanted guests.Once they are captured,the parts needed are cut from the shark.The parts are stored,but the rest of the tortured,yet breathing body is thrown back into the ocean to be eaten by other fish or drown to death.After the parts reach factories, they are made into products.Then it can be shipped to where it is needed.

How can Sharks be used in Cosmetics?

Shark liver oil is an important ingredient in all kinds of cosmetics and other items.This includes beauty products such as,lotion,lip balm,and sunscreen.The smooth consistency of the oil makes these products so smooth on your skin.The oil can also make many vaccines.Though it is only used in Asia;the oil can be made into acne cream and body soap.Maybe you'll think twice about that hotel soap in Japan.If shark liver oil wasn't added to the products,they would be hard to rub on our skin.
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This is just one brand that uses shark liver oil. ^