Second Grade News

Rasor Elementary - Plano, Texas

May 16, 2016

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Math Ice Cream Celebration

We want to thank all of the parents the signed up to bring things for the celebration this Friday. Please make sure that the item/s you signed up for are at school by Thursday, except for the ice cream. Please send the ice cream on Friday morning. Thank you!!!!!!! Below is the link to the sign-up for the celebration.
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Homework - May 16-20, 2016

Reading – at least 30 minutes nightly - initial in the box each day your child reads for at least 30 minutes. Please remember to initial your child's folder.

MathMay Math Journal - Days 11-15

Spelling - Study words and complete 2 spelling activities - the patterns are very hard this week. Please work on them every night. Break them up into sets and study one type of words each night.

High Frequency Words - practice reading and spelling the 1st and 2nd 100 Words.

Fluency Passage - Read the passage three times this week. Read it once and time if for one minute. Practice the passage and then read it a second time for one minutes. Practice and read it a third time. Hopefully, each time the words per minute have increased.

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Creative Family Project

Second Graders are comparing life long ago to their lives in the present. You and your child are to be working on the family project pictured above. Below are the items that should already be completed and place on the poster board. Above is one of our students this year, Gracie, she did an awesome job on her poster. Way to go Gracie!

Week 1: April 25-29 - Family member interview - questions were sent home

Week 2: May 2-6 - Family Tree

Week 3: May 9-14 - Personal Timeline - papers were sent home on Friday

Week 4: May 16-20 - Artifact - information will be sent home this Friday

Week 5: May 23-27 - Speech Outline: will be sent home next Friday

Week 6: May 31 - Bring poster to school to present during this week

We are looking forward to seeing the final projects. If you child has sent up any items each week, we will send them home this week so that you can get the final project completed.

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Upcoming Important Dates

Friday, May 20th - Field Day - Volunteers are welcome - sorry no visitors only volunteers will be allowed to attend Field Day

Friday, May 20th - Math Ice Cream Celebration - 2:00

Week of May 23-26 - End of the Year Conferences - your child's teacher will be sending home information about scheduling a conference during that week.

Monday - Kirby's Conference Day

Tuesday - McCary's Conference Day

Wednesday - West's Conference Day

Thursday - Brown's Conference Day

May, 23rd- June 3rd - 2nd Grade Camp Learned A Lot and Engineering Fun

Friday, May 27th - No School

Monday, May 30th - No School - Memorial Day

Friday, June 4th - Last Day of School, Assembly. and Class Party - Camp S'MORE

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