Online Storytelling

Appy Hour 1/15/2013, Huntsville ISD

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To use the links in this flyer, you'll need to find it online. Locate it at this url: Or scan the QR code on your mobile device.

Docs Story Builder

The "Docs Story Builder" tool creates an interesting result that is best described by watching some examples. Don't miss the last one! Consider using the Docs Story Builder to teach students about theme, tone, mood, and dialog (among other things). Build your own story here at

Little Bird Tales is a tool designed for the very young but that could be used by "children" of any age (like me, for example). Little Bird Tales is also available as an app. What a great way to get students CREATING on iPods and iPads.

Students can . . .

1. Write stories on computer or paper

2. Draw pictures on paper

3. Snap photos of drawings using iPad, iPod Touch, phones, or cameras, then

4. Make and publish Little Bird Tales online Demo Video

VoiceThread is a tool that lets you create a presentation you or your viewers can talk about by recording and publishing your voice. When you are considering differentiating products, consider that many if not most of your students are better at showing what they know by talking than by writing. Voice Thread is powerful, easy, and the consumer version is completely free. Check out a couple of Voice Thread examples here and here. This VoiceThread shows you how to make a VoiceThread. Clever, right? Learn about how to doodle on videos here.