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News from our Third Grade Ranch!

May 17, 2016

This is It!

I can't believe this is the last newsletter of 2015-16! The students are very excited to begin their summer vacation!

The end of the year always brings about a sense of accomplishment. So much has been accomplished this year in third grade - students have made the transition from "learning to read" to "reading to learn", in addition to becoming more independent workers. They have begun their journey into multiplication and division, which forms the basis of their mathematics into the upper grades. They have become writers, being able to organize and form multi-paragraph pieces about most any topic. They have matured in their friendships with others, learning skills to work together that will carry them through their schooling and into college and their future workplaces.

I am honored to be their teacher. I thank you for your continued support, and for sharing your children with me, so that I had an opportunity this year to get to know them and teach them. I hope their third grade year was an enjoyable one, and one they will remember. Each student I have changes my life in a different way....I learn so much from them. I love hearing their stories and being a part of their lives! Thank you!

Upcoming Events

Mark Your Calendars!

This week.....

Thank you for all of the fabulous Ice Cream Party donations! The kids had a GREAT time creating their sundaes on Monday!

This year, I've had more kids master their multiplication facts than any other class!! That is a reflection of your support with them at home, studying and reviewing!! Thank you so much for spending the time to work with your child for homework. Knowing their facts is the basis for all other math they will use from this point forward!

Wednesday, May 18th

  • Sports Day 12:30 - 2:30 (students should have tennis shoes/socks)
  • Recess/Lunch will be 11:10 - 11:40

Thursday, May 19th

  • Last Day of School
  • Classes dismissed at noon
  • Grade cards sent home
  • Six Flags tickets (if your child participated) will be sent home with grade cards
  • Have a GREAT summer!!

Character Trait for May: Forgiving. Forgiveness means that you accept others even though they have treated you wrongly or have made a mistake.

Announcements from the Office: Car Rider Hangtags

Please do not throw away your car rider hangtags! Just a reminder that we will only be providing hangtags to new families and kindergarteners next year. Replacement hangtags if they are lost are available for $1. You can help make sure they are easily readable by tracing over your name with a black permanent marker. Please use all capital letters and use the whole space provided so it will be easily readable. Store your hangtags in the glove compartment so they are protected from light and kept safe until next school year. Thanks for your help!

Prevent Summer Learning Loss: Read MOre Missouri and Summer Math Challenge

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is providing opportunities for reading and math practice over the summer for students who have finished grades 1-7. If you are interested in Read MOre Missouri and Summer Math Challenge, please click on the buttons below.