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Embedded360 – Engineering Best Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey solutions are basically solutions provided by a third party, which can be easily used by existing businesses or systems – without them having to invest time or money on an in-house solution set-up. This way turnkey products play a critical role in bringing down the cost as well as gives businesses the benefit of using products which are authentic and have already been tried and tested.

Embedded360 also known as E360 is one of the best providers of turnkey solutions for businesses across various verticals. The major industries served by E360 are:

i. Automotive

ii. Industrial Systems

iii. Consumer Electronics and

iv. Wireless

E360 is also a leading provider of electronic manufacturing solution and a mobile hardware integration company. An US subsidiary of SRM Technologies, E360 houses over 1200 engineers who provide the best end to end design and marketing solutions to Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs). The major engagement models deployed by E360 are Dual Shore Hybrid Model, Revenue Sharing Model, Professional Services Model and Dedicated Onsite Model.

What makes E360 the first choice among the seekers of turnkey solutions is the fact that they are committed to a result-oriented approach of work. Since its launch in 2009, E360 has made it a point that each of its client is given the most feasible solution without compromising on the quality of work. Perhaps this is one major reason that today E360 has a partnerships and alliances with the most of the big names in the industry. Some of the well known brands with which E360 has partnered/ allied till date are IBM, DELL, Hitachi, HP, Cadence among others.

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