Great Depression and the New Deal

Opponents of the New Deal

It was much criticism on why the business was getting so much help and the unemployed were not. Much more critics came from attack on giving the federal government too much power. WPA was an act bordered on socialism and communism. The radio was a way to communicate and get out about ending evil conspiracies. The Supreme Court provoked some of Roosevelt`s most frustrating times by trying create programs against his.

Rise of Unions

The Committee of Industrial Organizations formed for all workers. Strikes were common among the Great Depression era including strikes in automobiles and steel unions. Fair Labor Standard Act set rules for minimum wage, working hours and child labor laws. Regulations were set as the last major reform of the New Deal.
The Great Depression (A Short Film)

Last Phase of the New Deal

The economy was slowly making changes. Banks and businesses were moving up although unemployment was still bad. Although the economy was during better there was no boom and problems still remained.

Life During the Depression

Life was extremely rough during the depression. Women were accused of taking jobs from men. Many New Deal programs allowed women to make less than men. For farmer the drought was detrimental to the crops. Racial issues were still faced by African Americans and who had troubles getting jobs. Native Americans had an act called Indian Reorganization act that gave land back to tribes. Mexican Americans also faced issues of race through the Great Depression.
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