The Royal News

March 20th 1623

Letter from servant!!

Richard Frethorne came to jamestown as a indentured servant. Two thirds of his fellow shipmates had died since their arrival. :(. He pleaded with his parents to redeem his indenture. He wrote a interesting letter to his mother and father! This letter was dated March 20th 1623! This is the letter he wrote to his mother and father~

This letter is important because it's telling us what's going on in jamestown, and how people are dying.

You should care because this letter is telling you what's going on, and how much of a struggle they are having.

This letter could help jamestown get help! What's going on down there is disastrous,but if someone important reads the letter it could be positive.

Interview with King James

King James was born June 19th 1566 at Edinburgh castle, Scotland.

He was crowned July 25th 1603.