Become a Sports statistician

for the Pittsburgh Penguins

Information about the Job

  • Full time Job
  • Work environment is friendly and you will get great experience in the field
  • Pay starts at$61,630 per year
  • Must be here for all games (except for extreme circumstances)
  • For the away games, you will be traveling as a member of the team so travel accommodations(airfare, ground travel, and hotel) will be with the Penguins and payed for

More Job Description

As the official sports statistician for the Pittsburgh Penguins you will have the duties of recording various stats during the game such as goals for each player, save percentages, power plays, and more. After the game you must verify with the play-by-play to make sure the stats are accurate.

On top of that they must input the stats into the computer for others to access the information, and prepare mid-game and final reports. All this will hopefully help the Penguins improve to win the Stanley Cup


  • A master's degree in statistics or mathematics
  • A strong knowledge of Hockey
  • Be a member of the Statistics in Sports association
  • Have obtained at least 1 prior internship with any sports teams
  • An interview will be given for final decision

Contact infomation

When contacting ask for Lauren Morris