Kearney 1st Ward

Young Womens


Ward Work day at Far West: The stake has assigned the Kearney 1st Ward to use Wednesday, June 5th as the Ward's Workday for Far West. All adult and youth members are asked to help clear Zion's Camp before Girl's Camp begins the following week. We will meet at the church at 8:30am, have a light breakfast, head up by 9:00, work, eat lunch and then work a little more. The majority of the hardest work has already been performed and we'll mainly be cleaning and prepping for girls camp. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Brother Tanner

Overnight Temple trip: All youth are to meet at the Thorne's house for pizza, swimming & games on Friday, June 7th at 6:00pm. The young women will have a sleepover at the Thorne's house, the young men will have a sleepover at the Bishop's house. Please bring modest swim suits, towels, overnight clothes & toiletries. You will also need church clothes for the next day and "boating" clothes/swimsuit for the afternoon. We will be doing baptisms at the temple at 11:30. Remember to please remove all washable hair dye and temporary tatoos before entering the temple. All youth will need to be picked up by their parents at the church on Saturday, June 8th at 6:00pm. Meals will be provided Friday night and Saturday.

Camp transportation: Sister Edwards is needing one volunteer to help bring drivers to camp on Wednesday, June 13 and then also help in returning them on Saturday, June 15. Preferably a vehicle that can transport 7 - 8 girls.

Lesson Planning Meeting: On Sunday, June 9th at 11:50am class presidencies and YW advisors and counselors need to meet together to plan out the lesson topics for the Come Follow Me lessons for the summer months.

Youth Conference Registration: Youth conference for 14+ wIll be July 18-20 at Northwest Missouri State University. Young women need to register for Youth Conference by June 16. If you have already registered can you please let Sister Patterson know so that she can get an accurate head count of who will be attending!

You can find the link for the July 2013 Youth Conference Registration below. All youth 14+ planning to attend need to register online.

June Calendar Dates

June 7 & 8th: Overnight Temple Trip at Thorne's house, KC Temple and boating at Smithville Lake. Meet at Thorne's house at 6:00pm.

June 13-15: Girls Camp

June 16: BYC @ 12:15

June 19: Joint; Planning meeting

June 26: Class activities

June 30: 5th Sunday; Bishopric teaches

Come Follow Me & Personal Progress

June: Priesthood and Priesthood Keys

"The keys of the kingdom of God are committed unto man on the earth." (D&C 65:2)

This month's lessons will help the young women understand the priesthood and how it can bless them now and in all their future roles as daughters of God. The priesthood is the power of God used to bless all of His children equally, both male and female.

Camp Corner June 13-15, 2013

Far West Girls Camp 2013:

We have 7 YW (with 7 totes) going to camp on Thursday, June 13. They need to be at camp no later than 8:00 am. (They have very limited drop off space and are staggering the arrival times. They requested all groups be on time.) We will have 8 YW (with 8 totes) coming back on Saturday, June 15, leaving Camp at 4:00 pm.

We want everyone to be especially aware there are a considerable amount of locust thorns at the camp site. Hopefully the work crews will have most of them removed. The girls are required to wear closed toes shoes at all time. BUT - - - to be safe – the thicker the sole the better!


June 1: Chloe's 17th Birthday

June 6: Maddy's 17th Birthday

June 7: Katelyn's 13th Birthday

June 25: Myranda's 16th Birthday

Girls Camp Packing List 2013

Camp Supplies

Good Attitudes

Good walking shoes (no flip flops)

Modest shorts (knee length)

Personal clothing to wear for three days

Modest PJ’s

Tooth paste/brush


Pony tail holders



Insect repellant


Sun glasses


Bath towel and wash rag

Feminine hygiene products

Lip balm

Snack food (air tight containers)


Long sleeve shirt or jacket

Rain poncho

Flash light

First aid kit

Small back pack or fanny pack

Sleeping bag

small air mattress (if desired)


Extra blanket

Trash bags (in case of rain)

Extra batteries

Pocket knife (2nd year)




Water bottle to use for three days.

Items not allowed

Bad attitudes

Cell phone

Mp3 players

No face cards

New Era Message

"Family time is sacred time and should be protected and respected. We urge our members to show devotion to their families." Boyd K. Packer

Start with what you already do Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles has said we can create family bonds "through family traditions for birthdays, for holidays, for dinnertime, and for Sundays." If your family has a busy schedule, start by working on something you do already, such as dinner, scripture study, or prayer. Help your family be consistent. Then talk to your parents about planning an easy family activity. (New Era, June 2013, page 18)

Here are some suggestions to get you thinking:

Frisbee, Puzzle Party, Home Movie Night, Family Slumber Party, Pie-making night, Picnics, Roller Skating, Summer Water Fight, Walks at a Park, Gardening, Karaoke Night, Bike Rides, Chalk Mural Drawings, Kickball, Family Cookout, Ping-pong, Temple Trips

Contact a member of the Young Women Presidency

Xio Freestone President 824-1480

Amanda Lopez 1st counselor 401-7122

Maggie Anderson 2nd counselor (801) 793-8038

Aimee Patterson secretary 678-8453 or