Emmy Noether

By:Carlos Martinez

Emmy Noether she is known for her landmark contribution to abstract algebra and theoretical physics.She was born March 23,1882 and then died April 14,1935.She was born in Erlangen,Germany she was named Amalie,but always called Emmy.

The school Emmy went to was the university of Erlangen-Nuremburg at first she went to the university of Gottingen. She died of a infection after the removal of an uterine tumor.But she was never married to a man.Her life before she was famous she lived like a normal kid but her dad was a Professor. She could not go to a normal school and her least favorite subject before she got to college was math. She found it do be one of the most hardest subject in school.

Emmy is famous for the creating the formulating Noetherś theorem.

She spent the next four years researching and teaching under the name of one of men who invited her to the university ,David Hilbert.

Noether became an important figure in the understanding of algebra,and even her contemporaries recognized he brilliance in proving theorems in the field.