Fire Safety

By: Taylor B and Becca T

How To Prevent a Fire

- Staying by the stove while you are cooking
- Keep candles away from drapes and other things that can get caught on fire
- Make sure your fire alarms work
- Unplug all electrical items before you go to bed
- Plan and practice fire drills just in case their is a fire
- If you have an electric space heater keep it away from other objects
- If you smoke never just throw your cigar anywhere
- Make sure your electrical cords are in good shape
- Keep your lighters and matches away from children
- Never use power tools indoors
- Don't leave grease in cooking pans
Fire Safety Video

True Story About a Apartment Fire in Fond Du Lac

On Thursday, May 2nd, at 1:30 p.m fire crews were called to put out a fire in an apartment in Fond Du Lac. The fire started on the first floor by someone leaving there stove unattended, plus the cooking pan that they were using had grease in it which just made it worse. The fire traveled quickly to the second apartment floor causing lots of smoke. The property Manager Dustin Christian said that all eight units in the north end of the building were damaged. The earliest residents will be allowed back in the apartment next week sometime. Thankfully, Red Cross gave money for the people who live in the apartment to stay in hotels or shelters for a couple of days. Luckily, there was no deaths from the fire, there was five people who got injured from the blaze but paramedics say that they will be fine. It was very good that each smoke alarm in the building was working because if they didn't people might have died.
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Paragraph About Fire

Fires can be extremely dangerous. Every family should have a fire safety plan. You should practice this plan incase a fire would ever happen in your house. You should practice getting in and out of the house fast. Don't always go out the same door every time. If you do happen to be on fire you shouldn't freak out instead you should stop, drop, and roll. You should make sure that your windows and doors open easy enough so if there was a fire you could get out fast. It is a good idea to keep a flashlight in all rooms so you can grab it quickly, and you should also have a meeting place for when you get out of the house so family members know if anyone is still in the house. You should practice alerting other family member by kicking, pounding on the walls, or simply yelling "fire". Make sure your fire alarms work! You should see if your fire alarms work monthly and switch the batteries! If you have a fire alarm then it doubles your chance of surviving! Every ten years you should get new fire alarms. Batteries must be checked twice a year. A good practice to follow is every daylight savings time, when you switch your clocks, also check your batteries. Practice escape plans from every room in your house. Electrical fires are also a very big issue, make sure you don't forget to unplug your phone charger or anything else. You should never, ever overload circuit or extension cords. You should not place cords or wires under rugs, over nails or in high traffic areas. Shut off electrical items that spark quickly, and do not try to fix it by yourself call a professional to get them fixed or to get a new one. Lastly, call 911 if their is a fire, firefighters will come quickly if you call and their will be a better chance of everyone surviving.

Fire Facts

- Alot of house fires could of been prevented with fire and smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, fire escape plans and education.

- The leading cause of residential fires is not smoking, as many believe, but cooking. Cooking accounts for 28% of all fires.

- Smoke, rather than fire's flames, is responsible for 75% of all deaths by fire.

- African-Americans have a much higher and disproportionate share of fire fatalities, accounting for 24 percent of all fire deaths.
- About twice as many men as women die in fires.

- People who have physical or cognitive limitations, as well as older adults and children, are at a higher risk of death by fire than other groups are.