God of sun, health, music, and truth -Jared Puls

Facts about Apollo

Apollo's roman name was Apollo.His mothers name was Leta. His fathers name was Zeus. Apollo had many children, some were Troilus, Parthenon, and Philemon. His spouses were Marpessa, Chione, Oronis, Daphne, Arsinoe, and Kassandra. Best known as a master of archery. Apollo was the twin to Artemis. He played a golden lyre. Apollo was said to move the sun across the sky. He was worshiped in the islands of Delos. Apollo was also born on these islands. Apollo was honored by two cults. He was believed to cause disease but also cure it. His forename was Phoebeus, and he killed a serpent called by Python.
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Apollo God of the Sun

Why I like this god:

I chose Apollo because he is my favorite god. I think he is the best god out of all of them. I think he is kind of like me because he likes archery and music and helps people.