All About Me

By: Kirti T.

My Bio

I was born in Cupertino, California on July 25, 2003. I lived in Cupertino, the home of the Apple Headquarters for 9 years. I then moved to Coppell, Texas and went to Cottonwood Creek elementary for 4th grade. However, we bought a house, so I had to go to Town Center for 5th grade and CMSN for all of middle school. Now I am a freshman at Coppell High School. Outside of school I play tennis and I do taekwondo.
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My Family

I have a family of four included my working parents, my brother. Recently I also got a dog. My brother goes to college at UTD and studies neuroscience, while my mom is a pharmacist and my dad is an engineer.
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People might not know this about me...

Something that most people do not know about me is that I can solve a rubix cube in 60 seconds.
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My favorite thing about myself...

My favorite thing about myself is that I am always trying my best at any assignment.
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A leader that has had the biggest impact on my life...

My brother has always had the biggest impact on my life because throughout my whole life he has had 5 years of experience more than me, so he has guided me on the right path.
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Best memory that I have...

The best memory that I have is when I got my dog because he is the liveliness in our house.
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If I could give my younger self a piece of advise...

I would tell my younger self that moving to Texas wouldn't be that bad and that it wouldn't be hard to meet new people.
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My goals

I only have a few goals, but they are to

Become a black belt


Be in the top 5% next year.

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