NCVPS Latin I Newsletter

Latin I, Sections 5 and 9, Week of 2/16-2/20


I hope this newsletter finds you well. We have gotten off to a great start this school year! Just a few things this week. We had a progress report go out this last week. Some students were a bit shocked when they saw some zeroes. I explained how this worked to them but I want to make sure you all understand too. Progress reports go in biweekly. They have to reflect an accurate grade so I have to update grades up to the day that the report goes out. So anything not complete will be entered as a zero. BUT they can absolutely still make that up, without penalty. The only extra step they have to complete is to send me updated lists of what they have made up. The one little quirk of Blackboard is that once I put in a zero, when they redo it, it won't automatically update the grade. I have to manually go in and input the grade. So if they don't tell me exactly what they have made up, I can't do that. So please encourage them to stay on pace but to keep sending me lists of make up work. This class has done a great job so far and I'm glad to be working with them. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.