Emma caster

((((((((((( good vibes )))))))))))))))))


- acting on what my friends say fun loving depending on that day

-my hobbies are softball, guitar, and art.

-my biggest influence is probably Gerard Way.

-my favorite movie is probably Alice in wonderland.

-"so many people treat you like your a kid, so you might as well act like one and through you television out the window." ~Gerard way. this quote is probably my favorite because everyone treats me like a kid when i don't want to be treated like one.

-the only place I've really been is Disney world and i was 7 at the time.

-my dream is to be a guitarist in a band.

-i don't really have any beliefs i just go with the flow.

- my relation ship with my family: i feel like i'm suffocating. but my relationship with my friends are the greatest thing I've ever had.i would give anything just to keep my friends

-i hide a lot of things

my friends and i can act stupid a lot so them


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