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All motions were approved.

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State Volleyball Champions!

Business Meeting

State Champion Boys Volleyball Team Recognition

The board recognized the award winning state volleyball team who won under the leadership of Coaches Scott and Ryan Trumbauer. Rich Sniscak noted the many positive comments he has received about how the team members conduct themselves both on and off the court thanks to the positive role models of the board members. The team includes:

Andrew Fine

Bryce Galloway

Ben Hawk

Jake Heyer

Andrew Hillman

Matt Kiser

Sean Lewis

Jared Silverstein

Loren Skinker

Ryan Trumbauer - Asst. Coach

Scott Trumbauer - Head Coach

Players unable to attend:

Justin Bond

Jack Dreisbach

Jake Hauser

Sam Iorio

Andrew Micheletti

Kyle Stout

Garrett Weigel

Michael Zeky

Mangers unable to attend:

Kristin Krause

Avery Perosa

Brooke Robertson

Adoption of the 2015-2016 Final Budget

John Vignone presented an overview of the final 2015-2016 for board approval.

Highlights of the 2015-2016 budget include:

Total Projected Expenditures: $157,677,695

Real Estate Tax Rate of 14.35 mills ($1.435 per $100 of assessed valuation of taxable property).

Tax Rate Increase: 1.85%

To view more details, click here.

The following taxes shall continue in force for fiscal year 2015-2016:

Local Services Tax under The Local Tax Enabling Act $ 5.00

Earned Income Tax (collected at .5%)* under The Local Tax Enabling Act 1%

Real Property Transfer Tax (collected at .5%)* under The Local Tax Enabling Act 1%

The following taxes shall continue in force for fiscal year 2015-2016, but are not collected:

Per Capita Tax under [the] Public School Code $ 5.00

Per Capita Tax under The Local Tax Enabling Act $10.00

Gaming monies in the form of property tax relief will offset property taxes by $107.61 per approved homestead and/or farmstead in the Parkland School District. The assessed value reduction will be shown on 2015-2016 property tax bill which will be mailed to all property owners on or after July 1, 2015.

The Final General Fund Budget includes a $5.5 Million appropriation of Fund Balance which equates to .73 mills to offset a larger tax increase and balance the budget within the 1.9% Act 1 Index.

Superintendent Sniscak commented that the general fund budget will be less than last year. He noted, however, that maintaining academic excellence under the current state budget conditions is becoming increasingly challenging. He noted some of the challenges include increasing special education costs, $2.4M in cyber charter school costs, rising healthcare costs, and increasing state-mandated contributions to the Public School Employees' Retirement System. . President Marcus echoed his comments and applauded the "high functioning" administrative team for their due diligence in crafting a financially sound budget that strikes a respectful balance between the educational needs of the district and the tax-paying abilities of the community. The budget was approved unanimously with a 9-0 vote.

As a member of the Joint Operating Committee (JOC) Dave Kennedy reported on the Lehigh Carbon Technical Institute. Highlights included the appointment of Dr. Karen Greenawald as the new Director of Curriculum at LCTI . Camp Innovation commenced this week.

Mr. Rob Cohen reported on the progress of the Parkland Community Library's new vision statement To Connect, To Discover, and To Grow. The Parkland Community Library also has a new mission statement and has developed 12 new adult programs that reinforce the new vision and mission statements.

Mr. Bob Bold reported on the release of a new Basic Education Funding formula but it has not been decided if this will impact the 2015-2016 or 2016-2017 school year yet. Amendments to the Child Protection Bill and a bill that would delay the Keystone Exam Graduation Requirements were passed by the Senate and both items now move to the state House for approval.

Elizabeth Millen was appointed as the new varsity field hockey coach. To read more about her, click here.

Roundtable and Reports

Dave Kennedy commented that the 3 pillars at Parkland (Academics, Arts, and Athletics) were well showcased this evening. Several board members commented on this being the last board meeting for Mr. Rob Thornburg, the Director of Student Services, and wished him well in his retirement. They thanked him for his years of service and for "setting the bar high" as noted by Mr. Rob Cohen. President Marcus commented on how respected Rob Thornburg is throughout the district, and leaves a legacy about how much he truly cares about Parkland students, something that is "laudable, commendable, and has been his steadfast focus. Thousands of students have been impacted by his leadership." Superintendent Sniscak thanked the board for their support of the budget on behalf of the children.

Next meeting: July 28,, 2015 - Workshop 7 PM, Meeting 8 PM. (This will be the only meeting in July, no committee meetings).