PreK-6 Newsletter

2015 December Edition


Mooresville Livebinder


Engagement Research shows that cooperative learning increases engagement and learning. How are you actively engaging your students? Click the button to see an infographic created by Tara Gander on various Digitized Kagan strategies.


Reading A-Z- Did you know that Reading A-Z has mini lessons that could be used for your standards based mini lessons or that there are tons of graphic organizers? Oh you need some shared reading text and ideas? That's there too!


Reading Differentiation- One size, truly doesn't fit all. Take a look at this article to support differentiated reading instruction in your classroom.


Your support is everything!! EVERY CHILD needs someone that believes in them and holds high expectations for them! Click to watch a very powerful video.

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Classroom Management: 10 Teacher Tested Tips


Having Students Track Their Own Data: This strategy provides students with clear guidance on how to enhance their learning. Check out the google slides presentation to find different ways to have your students track their own data.


RAZ Kids: Teachers can customize assignments, view reports, and track progress. This is a great resource for an independent reading station. Have you tried having your students answer a written comprehension question afterwards? Accountability!


Instruction that is flipped? Have you tried EduCanon? A great way to provide flipped instruction while keeping kids engaged and holding them accountable...oh and you can track their progress in Blackboard too! Check out this S'more with more info!!!


Smore- Have you tried smore for your classroom newsletter? Classroom newsletters are important because they build a home to school connection and help to strengthen parent relationships and awareness. Click to see step by step directions~


Tiny Tap! Make a center activity go from consumption to creation. Both teachers and students can create and/ or play interactive games. Click find out how to use in your classroom!


Meaningful Literacy Work Station: Provides students with meaningful literacy practice activities that they can complete independently. Click the button for ideas and a brief presentation that explains the key components!


Accountability: Backchanneling for student accountability. Have you tried Padlet, Lino, or Today's Meet? Click to read an article!


Strategies to Involve Parents- Research shows that increased parent involvement and support has positive outcomes on student achievement. Click to read some amazing tips and strategies to increase parent and family involvement in our schools!

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