Friday Focus

St. George Episcopal Lower School

Take a tip from these soccer players

The link below shows how a soccer team took a step to help promote math in Romania. This would be a neat way to call your students' numbers when you are pulling sticks or calling on them to answer questions in class. Instead of calling number 4, why not see if 10 - 6 knows the answer?

April 11-15

  • MONDAY - Modification Letters due to Yvonne, King Antonio @ 8:15-8:40 in cafeteria (See Below)
  • TUESDAY - Modification Letters due to Sam, Grades due, Truckin' Tomato on campus
  • WEDNESDAY - Happy Birthday, Fred!
  • THURSDAY - Report cards online
  • FRIDAY -

Upcoming dates

  • April 18 -
  • April 19 - 1st grade field trip to zoo, 2nd grade to warehouse for float placement, Yvonne off campus all day
  • April 20 - Faculty Meeting @ 3:30 PM
  • April 21 - 3rd grade field trip to Wonder World
  • April 22 - Battle of Flowers Parade Holiday

The Kings are Coming

On Monday, April 4, Rey Feo will be coming to St. George. All of Lower School will attend this event in the cafeteria. Please be in the cafeteria at 9:50 AM. Rey Feo is set to arrive at 10:00 AM. JK and SK will sit in the front and will sing a song for Rey Feo. Mr. and Mrs. Earle will practice our end of year song during the time before Rey Feo arrives. Whoever has each class at 9:45, whether that be the homeroom teacher or specialist, please bring the children to the cafeteria and get them settled. Teachers, if your children are in a special, make sure you are in the cafeteria on time to take control of your class. At the end of the event, every homeroom teacher will take their class from the cafeteria to their next class. Specialists, make sure you are ready to receive your 10:10 classes in the usual space after the event ends. The program should last 20 minutes.

On Monday, April 11, King Antonio will be coming to St. George at 8:15-8:40. The whole school will attend this event in the cafeteria. Once again, Mr. and Mrs. Earle will have the students practice the end of year songs before the King arrives. More info on this event next week.

Reminders and Things To Be Thinking About:

  • When filling out recommendation forms for student visitors, please put numbers in the columns and not x's. The numbers you should use are listed at the top of each column. This will give us much more detailed information.
  • When taking attendance, please just mark P for present, T for tardy, or A for absent. Sam will take care of marking excused and unexcused.
  • Please make sure that you are always keeping your doors locked.

Great Things I Saw This Week...

  • This is actually something I heard, not saw. Vicki Vela's son and daughter in law, Raul and Katie, are going to have their first baby in October . This is Vicki's first grandchild and they are super excited! Congratulations, VIcki!
  • Teri has jumped right into junior kindergarten and is doing a wonderful job filling in for Mimi.
  • Elizabeth Spasenovski Malcher is running science lab for the next 5 weeks and seems to be taking up right where Teri left off. Nice work!

Remind your students to finish strong!

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