Rape Laws and Feminism

Human Rights

By Andrea Ortiz

We live in a convenient world where there is more Starbucks cafes, than there is police stations in the radius of two blocks. We, also live in a world where we can say yes to war, but can say no to an abortion for a women who got raped. It really makes you think doesn't it?What if you knew that in the U.S. a victim of rape would still have to deal with their attacker for child rights. Yes, that is the world we live in unfortunately. While it's great that there are many laws that protect children who got raped, there is not enough laws that protect women and men from these actions. 32,000 pregnancies occur each year due to rape and there are many countries who forbid abortion due to religious beliefs.

There are many people in the world that believe that it is the victims fault that they got raped. Last year Republican law-maker, Lawrence Lockman stated that if women can abort a child, men have the right to force themselves on them. Even if he did apologize his statement still stands. There are also many law-makers who want to cut off the funding for Planned Parenthood, an organization that has helped many women fall back on when an unplanned pregnancy occurs. There are also laws that don't protect a person from their spouse forcing themselves on them, since it would be considered sexual consent on both ends. There are also many people who want to cut funding for abortions and birth control since it many believe that it would be called 'murder'.

According to Human Rights, rape is now a weapon of war. Since it violates Article one, that says that all people should be treated with equality, and when one is raped it is used to show dominance and humiliation. It also violates Article five, because it says that no one should be subjected to torture, or to methods that degrade them. Hence, making rape something that it is inhuman because it is used show how much weaker somebody is and the act of rape it is itself cruel and torturous.

Fortunately there is people like Ohio lawmakers like Greta Johnson and Teresa Fedor who are fighting to eliminate the time limits that someone can report rape. Currently it is at twenty years and has been pushed for twenty-five years instead. There are also people who joined to have a little girl of ten years old get an abortion, since she was raped by her stepfather. The fight it is not over yet, but the will to keep fighting is strong.

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Organizations that are Helping the Fight Against Rape

1. ContactLifeine

They help people with counseling over the age of twelve that have been affected with sexual violence. They assist people regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, age, and physical limitations. http://www.contactlifeline.org/crisis-counseling/

2. The DC Rape Crisis Center

Their goal is to end sexual violence through the use of community, education, and public policy initiative. They help victims and their families with the aftermath of dealing with sexual violence. http://dcrapecrisiscenter.org/about/

3. Association For The Treatment of Sexual Abusers

ATSA focuses on preventing rape by education, research, and by public outreach. They also help people that have abused someone sexually or are at risk of sexually abusing someone. https://www.atsa.com/

4. Feminist Majority Foundation

The organization encourages women to seek all positions in society. Also they fight for reproductive rights, the end of sexual abuse and harassment, and to stop the violence against women. They do it to strive for gender equality. http://www.feminist.org/