Bynagle Bulletin

February 17, 2014

Dates To Remember

February 17 - Artist in the Schools

February 25 - KPBSD Budget Meeting 5:30pm at Homer High School Library

February 28 - Post Card Book Report DUE

February 28 - Spirit day -- "Red Carpet Day"

March 7 - Teacher Inservice, No School (End of Quarter 3)

March 10 - 14 -- No School SPRING BREAK

Happy Valentine's Day


What a week! Students have worked through perfecting their argument writing and will submit their letters on whether or not they think we should serve chocolate milk at school to Mr. Marshall this week.

We are continuing with our usual reading routine. Sixth grade students are continuing to read about science in Ancient China and 5th grade students will be starting a book on the muscular system.

We will be finishing our science unit this week. It has been fun learning about light, but we are ready to sink our teeth into other scientific matters. On this note as a final science project we will not only be turning our room into a camera, but we will also be making shoebox cameras. In order to do this I will be in need of shoeboxes (with ends that measure 4" by 5") , electrical tape, and aluminum foil.

What's Next

Now that students have become strong writers/arguers we are going to take things a step further and have a classroom debate on the pros and cons of chocolate milk. Once students get their debating skills down we will tryout other topics like school uniforms and the all loved ban on homework.

This week resident artist Debbie Harris will be visiting West Homer Elementary. she will be working with us on an Olympic themed art piece. I can't wait to see how this student art turns out!


Public Budget Meeting

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is holding Public Budget Meetings at the following locations:

· Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. in the Homer High School library

Everyone interested is encouraged to attend one of the meetings. If there are questions, please contact Lassie Nelson at 714-8838.