New Use for Nuclear Fusion

Cinco de Mayo dos mil deci-seis

Jillian Ford and her lab, Ford Corporations, have exciting news:

We have found a way to use nuclear fusion to power much of the electricity in our country. Nuclear fusion releases tons of energy that can be stored in order to provide energy for future generations.

What is Fusion?

Fusion is how the sun creates energy

Hydrogen atoms fuse together to form helium which is then converted into energy. When the Hydrogen is heated to a very high temperature, it changes from a gas to a plasma.

What's the difference between fusion and fission?

Fission is the process of splitting one atom into two to release energy. Fusion is the process of joining two hydrogen atoms to form one helium atom to release energy. Nuclear fusion releases more energy than fission, however the conditions needed for fusion to take place are difficult to achieve.

Safety concerns and precautions

There is the possibility of a fuel meltdown with nuclear fusion. There are also concerns with the radioactive waste that results from the energy. The process could release tritium which can contaminate groundwater.

Economic Impact of fusion

There will not be any limitations on the energy without the release of greenhouse gases. Energy would be cheaper and everyone will be able to afford the energy in their homes and businesses. Energy companies could shrink in size due to the decreased need for manual labor.