¿Qué hacen los niños?

What are 3rd graders doing in Spanish class?

The ¿Cómo estás? Collage Project está terminado!

Students have been working in Spanish and Technology classes to create unique digital collages. First, the kids studied vocabulary related to expressing emotion in Spanish. They then worked in pairs and used iPads to take dramatic photographs demonstrating those feelings. Next, they downloaded the images into Dropbox and worked with the application to edit their photos. In the computer lab with Mrs. Dvorak, the kids imported their own pictures into a website called PicMonkey.com and worked with graphic layouts and keyboarding skills to produce these neat collages. We are delighted to present this work that demonstrates a variety of skills in both Spanish and Technology classes. ¡Disfrútenselos! (Enjoy!)

Los proyectos de la clase de Señora Clune:


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