Tropical Disease Specialist

Saving the World from Foreign Diseases

Description of a Tropical Disease Specialist

A tropical disease specialist is a person who works on treating rare and infectious diseases. They travel the world and help people who are extremely sick. They are very good at working with medicine and are trusted to make diagnoses  when the regular doctor is unsure.


This job does have a few very serious disadvantages. First, you are traveling around the world. This can be good and bad because, well you can explore the world and see the places that most people can only read about. But you are also away from your family and always flying, driving, or sailing. You are also dealing with highly infectious and rare diseases. This means that there is a greater risk of you getting sick too. But in my opinion, being able to save people is well worth all of these disadvantages.

A World of Adventure Awaits You


This career requires a lot of schooling. First, you must complete seven or more years of medical school. Then you have to take two to three more years of specialized schooling about infectious diseases. Most peopel with this career also get training about immunology, epidemiology and infection control.


Tulane University and Ohio University are just two examples of schools that can help you jumpstart your tropical disease career.


The average salary for a tropical disease specialist in the U.S. right now is $194,811. Part of the reason that this number is so high is that this country needs them. Very few people are spending years of time and money to be able to fly around the world fighting infectious diseases.