By: Nate Howell

Background information

The capital of panama is Panama City. Three major cities are Panama City, David, Colon, Tocumen, and San Miguelito. Panama was once controlled by Spain. They got their independence on November 28, 1821. Panama is not controlled by another country today. The official language of panama is Spanish.

Political and diplomacy information

Government and economic information

My country is located in the most southern part of Central America. Panama is a capitalism economic system. Panama is a constitutional type of government. The president is Juan Carlos Varela. Panama is in good terms with America because they use the same currency. They use US dollars.

Tourist attractions

People should visit panama to watch baseball and soccer games, also they can see the Panama Canal and panama mountains.

Exports and imports

Panama imports petroleum,cargo ships, sulfa ides, and mendicants. They import to China, South Korea, Singapore, Columbia and the USA.

They export petroleum, bananas, and medicants. They export to China, South Korea, Guatemala, cost rica, and USA