IPad Apps

By: Cole Kepler


  • imovie you can make your own movies by filming you or a friend
  • You can had music to your movie and you can add a background
  • you don't have to make a whole imovie, you can make a trailer to shorten it up


  • garageband is where you can make music instruments or record you voice
  • you can change your voice when you record
  • you can also choose an instrument like an acoustic guitar play like a real guitar

Book Writer

  • book writer you can create a book and click on the screen and start writing
  • you can use this with your teachers if you need to make a book
  • you can even design the front cover

Haiku Deck

  • haiku deck, you can make a presentation
  • you can add slides and take pictures offline and use them to make a presentation
  • you can design the whole presentation on what you want and you can share it with teachers and friends